6 Products To Buy in Bulk at Sam’s Club Instead of Costco

She said that a 30-count variety pack of Popchips costs roughly $15 at Sam's Club but only costs about $2 extra at Costco.


Along with single-layer round and sheet cakes, they also offer two- and three-tier cakes in a variety of styles that are comparable to those seen in upscale bakeries.

Bakery Cakes

For Plus members and ordinary members, Sam's Club charges a fixed price of $8 and $12, respectively, she added. "You'll pay a markup of about 17%–20% on same-day Costco

Same-Day Grocery Delivery

Sam's Club, like other warehouse clubs, sells well-known brands, but occasionally it has special varieties you can't buy anyplace else, according to Julie Ramhold

Limited-Edition Varieties

Many of the same products are sold at Costco and Sam's Club, although according to Ramhold, the latter may have a wider range.

Specific Select Brands

Ramhold said Sam's Club could have a larger range of baby products than Costco, however she cautioned that this might be heavily influenced by your neighborhood.

Baby Items

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