7 Must-Have Trader Joe’s Finds for February

Get a 12-ounce package or two for just $3.99 each.

Chicken Meatballs

Image Source: Aldi

This made-in-France tarte is available in the freezer department for only $4.79.

Tarte aux Champignons

Image Source: Aldi

Each 6-oz. container of shishito peppers costs between $2.29 and $2.49, depending on where you live in the country.

Shishito Peppers

Image Source: Aldi

Packages of this BBQ Cut Fresh Atlantic Salmon cost $10.99 per pound in the Midwest and $9.99 elsewhere.

BBQ Cut Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Image Source: Aldi

Get this salad set at Trader Joe's for only $3.99.

Avocado Ranch Salad Kit

Image Source: Aldi

Grab a tray of six Raspberry Mousse Cakes for just $3.99.

Raspberry Mousse Cakes

Image Source: Aldi

Get a bag of this frozen smoothie blend for just $3.99.

Fruits & Greens Smoothie Blend

Image Source: Aldi

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