7 Reasons Why Students Should Use Cellphones In School 

1. Access to Information: Cellphones enable students to quickly research and access a wealth of educational information.

2. Digital Organization: Cellphone apps and tools help students stay organized by managing schedules, assignments, and deadlines more effectively.

3. Collaborative Learning: Cellphones facilitate communication and collaboration among students for group projects.

4. Real-World Skills:  Using cellphones in school prepares students for the digital era, equipping them with essential skills for communication.

5. Personalized Learning: Educational apps and platforms on cellphones can cater to individual learning styles, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

6. Engagement and Motivation:  Integrating cellphones into lessons through interactive apps and gamified learning can increase student engagement. 

7. Global Connectivity: Cellphones enable students to connect with peers and experts worldwide, fostering a broader perspective.