7 Sam’s Club Food Items That Are a Waste of Money

These cereals are low in nutrients and high in sugar, which is not good for growing children. 

Too Sweet Cereals

Image Source: Sam's Club

At Sam's Club, pass on the Banana Boat sunscreen. $16.68 - 93 cents per ounce - is the cost of a 3-pack of 6-ounce spray cans.

Banana Boat Sunscreen

Image Source: Sam's Club

Sam's Club sells Member's Mark jelly in large quantities, but don't hoard it.

Member’s Mark Jelly

Image Source: Sam's Club

Don't bother with Sam's Club frozen chicken tacos; customers frequently complain about their flavor being bland.

Frozen Chicken Tacos

Image Source: Sam's Club

Steer clear of the large 48-ounce jars of Member's Mark peanut butter as they are prone to spoil before you can use them up.

Member’s Mark Peanut Butter

Image Source: Sam's Club

Brick-sized 3-pound boxes of Member's Mark cream cheese, which most households find difficult to finish before it goes bad.

Poor Quality Store-Brand Cream Cheese 

Image Source: Sam's Club

Your next party shouldn't be centered around a sheet cake from Sam's Club bakery. 

Forgettable Store-Bakery Cakes

Image Source: Sam's Club

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