8 DIY Holiday Decor Ideas From the Dollar Tree

Transform string lights and Dollar Tree bowls into amazing indoor or outdoor glitzy decor.

Image Source: Celebrate And Decorate

Glue Dollar Tree Nutcrackers, bowls, wooden tops and glue together a spinning centerpiece for candy or displaying ornaments.

Image Source: Celebrate And Decorate

Line broom handles around your yard, sidewalk, or driveway to string Christmas lights up.

Image Source: Deborah Silver

You could also wrap a red pool noodle with white tape or ribbon, top it with a silver foam ball, and stick it on a broom to turn your home into the North Pole.

Image Source: Cha's Crazy Creations

Glue or tie together a Dollar Tree mesh trashcan and one of the store's small tinsel trees, then wrap with tinsel garland for a larger tree. Then, update with your preferred ornaments. 

Image Source: Refabed

Use mirrors and reindeer figurines to create an epic, wintery candle stand. 

Image Source: TikTok

Spray paint the plastic village houses from Dollar Tree in a color that matches your holiday theme. Whether you're going for a pink Christmas, a boho one with neutral tones, or giving goth vibes — any color you choose will work for your village.

Image Source: South Lumina Style

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