8 Things My Family Never Buys at Trader Joe's

In our home, we use a lot of salt because we cook a lot.

Whole Foods sells bigger containers of the salt we use

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Great-tasting seltzers can be found at TJ's, but four cans normally cost about $3.30.

Target has the best price I've found for sparkling water.

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A 10-ounce package of triple-washed, shredded, and ready-to-eat kale costs $4 at Trader Joe's.

I prefer to buy fresh kale at the farmers market

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Although Whole Foods' fresh deli turkey only costs roughly $1 extra per pound.

I like to get lunch meat from a deli, and TJ's doesn't have one

Image Source: Trader Joe's

This is more of a tribute to Dave's Killer Bread than it is a criticism of Trader Joe's.

I never buy sliced bread at TJ's because my family is devoted to one brand

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We consume a good deal of pasta, pizza, lasagna, and other foods that need a dash of Parmesan cheese. 

I haven't found a grated Parmesan I like at Trader Joe's

Image Source: Trader Joe's

My kid and I are huge seafood fans. We acquire it at the Whole Foods counter when we indulge ourselves.

I like the fresher fish options at Whole Foods

Image Source: Trader Joe's

Our go-to for drinking and cereal bowls is almond milk, so we don't use much dairy milk.

We don't use much milk, so I splurge on a higher-quality carton

Image Source: Maple Hill Creamery

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