9 Costco Brand Items That Aren’t Worth the Money

The temptation of a large, gorgeous tub filled with your favorite spices, even if it's only pepper or Kirkland's organic no-salt seasoning, is well known to anybody who cooks frequently.


As individuals become more conscious of dietary allergies or just prefer to try new foods, gluten-free baking is all the rage these days.

Almond Flour

When it comes buying beer, wine, and spirits, Costco makes party planning quite simple.


Diapers must rank at the top of the list of items to buy in bulk. Even yet, babies go through diapers more quickly than they grow.


Although Kirkland offers several highly regarded goods, its gel dishwashing detergent is regrettably not one of them, proving that cheaper is not necessarily better.

Gel Dishwasher Detergent

The discovery of large canisters of flavorful grinds makes coffee enthusiasts happy, and Kirkland does actually sell coffee in large quantities.


Anyone who purchased tissues or toilet paper in bulk from Costco during the epidemic certainly learned the hard way that this wasn't money well spent.

Toilet Paper and Facial Tissue

Kirkland offers two different jugs, each holding two gallons of milk, that MoneyTalksNews called "awkwardly square-shaped."


Similar to milk, once opened, deli meat has a rather short shelf life. Also, Insider-rated goods that chef Lizzy Briskin said she would never purchase at Costco

Deli Meat

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