9 Fast Food Chains That Charge Way Too Much

A burger and shake cost 18 cents when Burger King first debuted in 1954. A medium combination meal today costs close to $10 and includes a Whopper, fries

Burger King

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A San Franciscan sourdough starter helped the St. Louis Bread Company grow as a small bakery in 1987. 


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In 1965, Fred DeLuca, then 17 years old, and Dr. Peter Buck, a family friend, made the decision to open a sub sandwich store that "served freshly-made"


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According to one commentator, "A smoothie should not cost upwards of $10." Apparently, when Jamba Juice originally started in 1990

Jamba Juice

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The internet discussion seems to be split on this issue, and it appears to rely on how giving your neighborhood Chipotle restaurant is. 


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In Vermont, this burger restaurant was opened in the late 1980s, and it just started franchising in the early 2000s. 

Five Guys

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Thousands of KFC restaurants have Colonel Sanders' visage on red and white signage across the world. For its crispy fried chicken with 11 herbs and spices


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Jimmy probably had no idea that over 3,000 stores and $2 billion in annual sales would become the norm when he opted to start a sandwich company 

Jimmy Johns

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When compared to other fast food restaurants, one individual claimed that Jack in the Box was more affordable. 

Jack in the Box

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