9 of The Best Frozen Pizza You Should Try Once

While some tasters thought the pepperoni was delicious, others said it tasted like it had just been taken out of the freezer.

DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

This pepperoni song was passable but nothing particularly noteworthy. The only issue tasters noticed was that the crust was a little too thick

Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

For a frozen pizza, the vegetables and toppings taste really fresh, and the pie has a hint of spice for those who like their food with a little more oomph.

Newman's Own Thin & Crispy Supreme Pizza

This supreme might have overreached a little bit. The toppings on this pie were all fresh and savory, but they overpowered the pizza.

DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Supreme Pizza

In all honesty, Tony's pizza is hardly gourmet, but there is just something about it that makes you want to keep eating it until there is none left. Let's not challenge it.

Tony's Pepperoni Pizza

This pie with a barbecue theme was provided by CPK. This is incredibly delicious since the chicken is truly juicy and the sauce is not overpowering.

California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza

This thin pizza (again, in a flatbread-like form) has a little Alfredo sauce flavor that elevates it above the standard white pizza 

California Pizza Kitchen White Pizza

The zesty, fresh-tasting sauce, flawlessly thick crust, and tasty pepperoni will fool you into thinking you've ordered delivery even though this pie 

Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza

This pizza is unquestionably a success. The pie has many different flavors going on, but they all work really well together. 

Tombstone Roadhouse Loaded Double Down Deluxe Pizza

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