9 Python Projects Ideas For Beginners

1. Number Guessing Game: Create a game where the computer generates a random number and the player has to guess it within a certain number of attempts.

2. To-Do List App:  Build a simple command-line to-do list application where users can add, remove, and view tasks.

3. Calculator:  Design a basic calculator that can perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

4. Hangman Game:  Develop the classic Hangman word-guessing game where players try to guess a hidden word letter by letter.

5. Dice Rolling Simulator: Make a program that simulates rolling dice. The user can input the number of dice and sides, and the program generates random outcomes.

6. Alarm Clock:  Create a program that functions as an alarm clock. Users can set a specific time for the alarm to go off.

7. Simple Web Scraper:  Build a web scraper that extracts specific information from a website, such as headlines or product details.

8. Basic Text Editor:  Design a basic text editor that allows users to create, edit, and save text files.

9. Temperature Converter: Develop a tool that converts temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit, or other temperature scales.