9 Things To Avoid Buying at Thrift Stores

These objects might not be in the best of shape and could serve as havens for allergens, mold, drool, snot, and bed bugs. 

Stuffed Animals

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Unless they are brand new, hats and helmets are not the best purchases at thrift stores. A secondhand hat may harbor lice.

Bike Helmets and Hats

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Makeup containers, brushes, and skincare products are breeding grounds for a variety of microorganisms from other people.

Skincare Products and Makeup

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It is difficult to remove them from your mattresses, bed pillows, and sofa cushions once you have them in there.

Mattresses and Pillows

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With used pet beds, houses, crates, blankets, and toys, you never know what previous owners' pets got up to.

Pet Furniture

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Additionally, they tend to lose their suction quickly, which is most likely why thrift stores are selling them.


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It''s best to avoid purchasing swimsuits or new, unused underwear unless a thrift store has received a donation of these items in sealed packages.


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There are few things as frustrating as finding out you’re short a puzzle piece when you’re nearing the end.

Opened Puzzles

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As children outgrow items every few months, parents should take advantage of baby essentials at thrift or consignment stores.

Infant Car Seats, Strollers and Baby Cribs

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