9 Things You Should Always Buy at Estate Sales, As Per Designers

The first thing that designers look for at estate sales is art. It provides a wealth of information about the preferences and passions of the residents.


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Stokes also enjoys looking through "weird personal things that people collect" at estate sales.


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Stokes also purchases rugs from estate sales if they are available. Stokes remarks, "I know they have a history"


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It's simple to have them rewired or to add a different shade to make it a unique addition to a house. 


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Retail dining chairs can be expensive, but Meg White of Meg White Interiors advises locating a vintage set and customizing it.

Dining Chairs

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White has discovered numerous exquisite mirrors at estate sales, which have been used as wall art, over dining room sideboards, or in powder rooms.


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Look for an excellent antique couch or upholstered chairs.

Upholstered Furnishings

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Quinlan is an interior designer as well as the owner of an upscale vintage clothes business in Birmingham.

Vintage Clothes

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Jenkins suggests that you take advantage of great collections of old and vintage dishes, glasses, and cutlery that have a backstory .

Dishes, Glasses, and Flatware

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