9 Underrated Things You Should be Buying at Trader Joe's

The parsley and cumin seasoning gives these Greek Chickpeas with Parsley a flavorful explosion.

Greek Chickpeas with Cumin and Parsley

Image Source: Trader's Joe's

Whatever leftovers you have stashed away in the refrigerator are ideal for this grain mix.

Harvest Blend Grain Mix

Image Source: Amazon

Crunchy Chili Onion is reminiscent of the chili oils at my favorite Chinese restaurants, and it has an incredibly deep flavor.

Crunchy Chili Onion

Image Source: Trader's Joe's

Zhoug Sauce is going to take up permanent residence in your refrigerator after you learn how to pronounce it, which is ZOOg. 

Zhoug Sauce

Image Source: Trader's Joe's

This may sound like a goofy one, but I always keep a lot of canned beans on hand so that I have quick, high-protein, high-fiber additions to almost any meal.

Canned Beans

Image Source: Trader's Joe's

These Thai Vegetable Gyoza are ideal as easy appetizers when guests drop by the house or when I have an impromptu gathering.

Thai Vegetable Gyoza

Image Source: Trader's Joe's

In contrast to the tortillas I usually get at the grocery store, they are tasty and soft.

Corn & Wheat Tortillas

Image Source: Pinterest

Although these Hot & Sweet Jalapeños are the newest thing on my list, I have already stocked up on a few jars of them.

Hot & Sweet Jalapeños

Image Source: Trader's Joe's

These treats fulfill the requirements because, as the owner of two active hunting dogs, I am as concerned about the ingredients in my dogs' meals

Charlee Bear Dog Treats

Image Source: ebay

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