What is AVR Programming

AVR programming refers to the process of writing software code to control and interact with microcontrollers from the Atmel AVR family.

Set up the development environment

Install the necessary software tools like Atmel Studio or Arduino IDE on your computer.

Choose your hardware

 Select the AVR microcontroller board you want to program.

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Write your program

Use C or C++ programming language to write your code.

Compile your code

Use the development environment or command-line tools to compile your code into machine-readable instructions.

Upload the program

Connect your AVR microcontroller board to your computer using a USB cable or a dedicated programmer.

Test and debug

Once the code is uploaded, you can test your program by running it on the AVR microcontroller.

Iterate and improve

Modify your code as needed, recompile, and upload it again to refine your program. 

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