C# Projects Ideas For Intermediate


C# is a popular object-oriented programming language widely used for building various types of applications, from desktop software to web applications.


Create a console-based game where two players can take turns playing Tic-Tac-Toe.


Create a console-based game where the player has to guess a word by guessing one letter at a time.

Password Manager

Create a desktop application that securely stores passwords and allows users to generate new passwords and retrieve them.

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C# Projects Ideas For Beginners


Recipe App

Create a web application where users can search for recipes and save their favorite recipes to a collection.

Weather API

Build an API that allows users to retrieve current weather conditions and forecast data for a given location.

Space Invaders Clone

Build a game using a graphical user interface that allows players to shoot down alien ships and avoid enemy fire.

Movie API

Create an API that allows users to search for movies by title or genre, and retrieve information about the movie.

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