Cobol Programming Jobs 

COBOL Programmer

COBOL code must be written, tested, and maintained by a COBOL programmer. They create and alter programs in accordance with the needs of the business.

COBOL Developer

A COBOL developer is involved in every stage of the software development process, from COBOL program design and coding through testing and debugging.

COBOL Systems Analyst

A COBOL systems analyst analyzes business requirements, designs system solutions, and oversees the implementation of COBOL programs.

COBOL Software Engineer

Employing COBOL, a software engineer designs and creates software solutions by employing engineering concepts. They focus on architecture and performance improvement.

COBOL Database Administrator

Databases that work with COBOL programs are managed and kept up to date by a COBOL database administrator. They create, use, and improve database structures.

COBOL Tester

To find and fix software bugs, a COBOL tester runs testing operations on COBOL programs. They design test strategies, carry them out

COBOL Team Lead

A team of COBOL programmers and developers is led by a COBOL team lead. They assign assignments, offer direction, and organize project activity.

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