DIY Engineering Projects for Advance 

DIY engineering projects allow individuals to develop hands-on skills, to experiment and learn from their mistakes, and to apply the principles they have learned in a practical way.

Build an audio amplifier

Create a simple audio amplifier circuit using transistors or op-amps to amplify the input audio signal and drive a speaker.

Construct a digital clock 

Build a digital clock circuit using LEDs to display the time in a 24-hour format.

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DIY Engineering Projects for Intermediate


Develop a robotic arm

Build a robotic arm that can be controlled using joysticks or an Arduino microcontroller.

Build a quadcopter

Use 3D printing to create the frame, landing gear and other parts of a quadcopter.

Design a prosthetic hand

Use 3D printing to design and create a prosthetic hand that can be controlled using muscles or sensors.

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