Engineering Project Ideas 

Engineering project ideas serve as a starting point to push the boundaries of what's possible and address some of the pressing issues of our time.

Renewable Energy Systems

Design and optimize a renewable energy system to maximize energy production

Autonomous Vehicle Control

Develop an autonomous vehicle control system using sensors, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms.

Smart Home Automation

Create a smart home system that integrates various sensors and devices to automate tasks.

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Water Purification Technologies

Develop innovative water purification techniques to provide clean drinking water in areas with limited access to clean water sources.

Green Building Design

Create an environmentally friendly building design that incorporates energy-efficient systems, sustainable materials, and renewable energy sources.

Smart Farming Technologies

Design and implement smart farming techniques using IoT devices, sensors, and data analytics to optimize crop yield.

Biomedical Device Innovation

Develop a novel biomedical device or technology that improves patient care, such as a prosthetic limb, wearable health monitor, or assistive device.

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