Full Stack Projects Ideas for Intermediate

As an intermediate-level full-stack developer, you likely have a good understanding of both front-end and back-end technologies, and you're ready to take on more complex projects.

Auction website

Build an auction website where users can create auctions for products they want to sell, and other users can bid on those items.

Social media platform

Develop a full-stack social media platform with user profiles, news feed, messaging, and the ability to share content.

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Full Stack Projects Ideas for Beginners


To-do list

Create a full-stack to-do list application that allows users to create and manage tasks with due dates and reminders.

Movie database

Build a full-stack web application that displays information about movies, such as title, release date, cast, and reviews.

Weather app

Develop a full-stack web application that displays the current weather and forecasts for different locations.

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