I Stopped Shopping at Dollar Tree: Here’s Why

Since the company's first location, which now has more than 8,000 locations, debuted in 1994, customers have flocked there in droves in search of a discount. 


The creator of Touchdown Money, Scott Lieberman, used to frequent Dollar Tree frequently. He is now slightly concerned about the security of the goods 

Some Products Contain Chemicals

The cheap costs would appear to be the main attraction of Dollar Tree, but even dollar store prices aren't fantastic all the time.

The Prices Aren’t Actually That Low

No one will want to shop in a place that is physically uncomfortable, regardless of how hot or how cold it is.

No Air Conditioning

Knowing that the employees are not treated with respect makes it difficult to buy at a particular establishment. 

Poor Treatment of Employees

On Reddit, a user going by the handle Complete_Entry asked a query on the DollarTree subreddit about why the drinks there usually taste weird.

Odd-Tasting Products

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