Tips And Tricks Even Seasoned ALDI Shoppers Not Know

Before you shop, you MUST visit the Fan Favorites section of the ALDI website.

Check out the Fan Favorites items online.

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There are deeply discounted items in the Hot Deals section. Your best chance is to shop them early on Sunday.

New Hot Deals hit the shelves on Sundays

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These limited-edition goods are only offered for brief periods of time or during significant occasions in the calendar year.

ALDI Finds are seasonal items—so act fast!

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Here, ALDI brands are the unsung heroes, taking up most of the shelves.

Don't underestimate ALDI's name brand products

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Although we can never pass up a Girl Scout cookie, Benton's, the company's own brand, is rivaling them in popularity.

Benton's is a must-buy if you have a sweet tooth

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ALDI's Simply Nature maintains a step ahead of health trends. The Cauliflower Tortilla Chips come in nacho and sea salt flavors.

Simply Nature offers healthy snack options

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Desserts for after dinner can range from cakes and cookies to cinnamon buns.

The desserts taste homemade

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Belle Vie from ALDI is situated next to the well-known sparkling water brand La Croix.

Belle Vie is nearly half the price of La Croix

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The Avocado Tomatillo Salsa from Specially Selected is my new favorite thing.

The Specially Selected line has some of the most unique offerings

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The hazelnut spread from ALDI is quite similar to Nutella.

Berryhill has the tastiest spreads and condiments

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