Walmart and Sam’s Club Introduce ‘Game-Changing’ New Feature 

By 2030, Walmart wants to install EV charging stations at thousands of its shops.

Walmart's EV Charging Expansion

Source: Walmart Inc

Walmart wants to make owning an EV convenient for Americans as a whole.

Making EV Ownership Easier

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For cautious EV consumers, easy access to charging can make all the difference.

Game-Changer for EV Buyers

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Fast-charging stations are now available at more than 280 Walmart and Sam's Club locations.

Fast-Charging Stations Nationwide

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EVs don't release any exhaust pollution, but conventional vehicles do.

EVs vs. Carbon Emissions

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Compared to owners of gasoline-powered vehicles, EV owners save roughly 60% on fuel annually.

Saving with Electric Vehicles

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Compared to gas-powered vehicles, the maintenance and repair costs for EVs are typically lower.

Lower Maintenance Costs

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Walmart's dedication builds on their mission to encourage sustainable living.

Sustainability is the Goal

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Families, drivers, the nation, and the environment all gain from the effort.

A Win for All

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Walmart's efforts to improve the EV infrastructure are a huge success for everyone.

Walmart's EV Revolution

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