What Are Java Editions?

Java editions are a set of programs that enable developers to code and execute software written in Java. There are several types of them:

Java SE

It has concepts for developing software for Desktop based (standalone) CUI (command user interface) and GUI (graphical user interface) applications, applets, database Interaction application, distributed application, and XML parsing applications.

Java EE

It has concepts to develop software for Web applications, Enterprise applications, and Interoperable applications. These applications are called high-scale applications.

Java ME

It has concepts to develop software for consumer electronic devices means embedded systems, like mobile and electronic level applications. Java ME was popular for developing mobile gaming applications. This edition was called micro because these edition programs are embedded in small chips. 

Java FX 

Java FX stands for Java platform Effects (Eff=F, ects=X). It provides concepts for developing rich internet applications with more graphics and animations. It’s an extension concept to swing applications of Java SE.