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What is Java and Why it is Important?

Java is one of those words that each computer science student is speaking about. Why? The topmost reason for it is that Java is one of the top 5 programming languages of the 20th century. But still, some beginners do not have any idea regarding what is Java and why is it necessary to learn Java?

Apart from this, it is also necessary that students must know which company is using the Java language. Well, do not worry about it; I have detailed all the useful and essential details about the Java programming language. So, let’s check all the details.

What is Java?

It is a programming language first released by sun microsystems in 1995.  Nowadays few websites made on Java but mostly made on frameworks. But it is speedy, secure, and reliable. It needs in every laptop, cellphones, game application, and more.

The Java latest version contains significant enhancement to develop performance, constancy, and safety of java applications which helps sprint on your machine. The Java runtime environments what you got when you downloaded Java software.

The JRE consists of java virtual machine, Java stage core classes and sustaining Java platform libraries. The JRE is the runtime section of Java software, which is all you need to run it on your web browser.

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How does a Java program execute?

To know about what is Java, it is also necessary that you must know how Java programs execute. Well, there are three steps in which the Java programs execute, and that is:

Step 1: Write the mpad++, gEdit, and more or any IDE like Netbeans or Eclipse. Then save the program as xxx.Java (.Java is the extension of the Java file).

Step 2: Compile the code into portable Java bytecode. You can use JDK Compiler using the command >>> Javac xxx.Java.

Step 3: Run the bytecode with desired input to get the relevant result using the command >>> Java xxx.

Finally, we will get the deain source code using the text editors like Atom, Textpad, Sublime Text, Notesired output of your code. 

What are the three main components of Java

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

It is a Java specification used to give a runtime environment where bytecodes get executed. The three main notations of it are:

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Specification: Document to show JVM’s implementations. 

Implementation: The program that meets the JVM specification’s requirements.

Runtime instance: It is needed whenever you write any command on the command prompt. Then you can run the class.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

In JRE, the bytecodes are executed, and it provides the supportive files and class libraries. Therefore, we can say that this software package has all the required things for running the program. 

Java Development Kit (JDK)

It consists of three different tools, that are:

=> Compile

=> Document

=> Package Java programs

This is available at zero additional charges. Moreover, it completely involves JRE that has tools for programmers.

Is there any usage of Java programming language?

Yes, there is!

Java has various applications that make it useful to learn. And some of the applications are:

  • Java supports creating Enterprise software.
  • Scientific computing can perform using Java.
  • It is useful to program hardware devices.
  • Several Android apps are developed using the Java programming language.
  • Verity of mobile Java applications also develops using Java.
  • Java plays an important role for developer and Big data analytics.
  • Java is helpful for server-side technology, such as JBoss, GlassFish, Apache, and more.

What makes Java superior to any other programming languages?

It is Mature and Keeps Evolving

It is one of the natural world and stable programming language. But Oracle Corporation often updates the programming language with the help of a vibrant society. Each latest edition of java comes with several new features and improved performance. For example, the latest version of it supports both practical and concurrent programming.

Platform Independent

Nowadays, programmers have to write down applications by target many procedure and platform. This allows programmers to write down the application code once and deploy the appliance code address many platforms without any extra effort. The programmers can compile the java code into bytecode and use that bytecode address to many platforms without collect the system again.

The syntax regulations of java on the syntax of C and C++. Hence, the beginners find it easier to study and use it within a shorter amount of time. At the same time, java is a concurrent, class-based, and object-oriented programming language.

Java is a Simplify Development of Real-Time Software

The popularity rate of real-time software has been growing. It is important for sending information or outcome within the less period. At present, real-time software applications are being used by mobile devices, automobiles, medical devices, and factories.

It is to Facilitates Embedded Computing

It planned for embedded programming. But many developers choose C and python over java which increases embedded applications for the systems with constraints memory. They now have to decide to take benefit of the Java ‘I’ stage to standard runtime atmosphere for build a variety of embedded applications.

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Supports Internet of Things

It is one of the programming languages that support internet things. The project Jigsaw desire to create the programming language run in a broader variety of little and portable devices. But, the scheme still aims to preserve Java’s networking scalability maintainability, safety, performance, and other features. While making it run on slighter and newer devices.

Simplify the improvement of Custom Big Data Solutions

At current, big data is one of the newest trends in appliance development. Many companies want the custom application to store, access, collect and divide a vast amount of planned and unstructured data. It does not come with built-in features to make accessible the improvement of custom big data solutions.

Curtails Project Overheads

It developed by Sun Microsystems and was so acquired by Oracle Corporation. Before the achievement, Sun Microsystems made a vast percentage of java implementations existing. Below the GNU General Community license. This license enables both individuals and enterprise to run divide and change the correct java execution without paying any fees.

Loads of IDEs, Libraries Frameworks and Development Tools

The developers also have the choice to avail a selection of libraries, frameworks, IDEs and improvement tools for Java. They can take benefit of robust IDEs like Net beans and Eclipse to write down comprehensible and quality Java code. They can even benefit the superior debugging capability and code finishing point features provide by the IDEs to plan the Java core maintainable.

It has a rich Set of APIs

It beats other programming languages in the class of moneyed application programming interface. The programmers have the choice to use a variety of Java APIs to achieve everyday improvement tasks exclusive of writing extra code. Some of these APIs  shared by the big enterprise, while members of the society upload others.

Google recommend for Android App growth

While building mobile apps, no developers are able to ignore. The programmers have to write android apps in C, C++ or Java. But Google recommends mobile app developers to write down Android apps in It.

For a better understanding of what is Java, let’s take a look at its program!!

One of the interesting ways to know what is Java is by practicing interesting and different programs. You can perform any kind of task and solve basic math questions using Java programs. 

Let’s take a look at the program of “addition of two numbers.”

public class AddTwoIntegerNumbers {    public static void main(String[] args) {              int a = 10, b = 23, add;      add = a + b;       System.out.println(“The addition of the two numbers: “+add);   }}

Output: $Javac AddTwoIntegerNumbers.Java$Java -Xmx128M -Xms16M AddTwoIntegerNumbers The addition of the two numbers: 33

Apart from this, you can easily code the program and run them to know your mistakes and knowledge.

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To master the Java programming language, one needs to learn basic and advanced Java concepts. Therefore, you should stay in touch with the different websites where you can know and get an update about Java. 

Some of the useful websites are:

  • JavaAssignmentHelp
  • CodeAvail
  • Livelectures
  • Statanalytica

Why is there a need to learn Java?

Java is a very common programming language, and every IT industry is using it. Java provides the best career options with a lot of money-making packages in every corner of the globe. It is one of the most in-demand programming languages. 

Companies like tech, insurance, healthcare, government, finance, manufacturing, education, defense, and more use Java programming language. 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Java for their backend architecture.

That is why it is always a good idea to learn this programming language. The above graph also shows that it always remains in the topmost and highly demanding languages. That is why there is constantly a scope of this language. This means it provides you the safest and secure career options.

How can I improve my Java skills from beginner to professional?

“What is Java” is one of the most asked questions by beginners. Once they get to know about it, they can level up their expertise in Java by following the below-mentioned tips.

  • Get the basic knowledge about Java and strengthen your basics with the clarity of OOPs principles.
  • Do enough practice with different APIs to get familiar with the different Java libraries.
  • Write a program or debug the previous program on a daily basis. It helps you to keep you updated about the Java programming language.
  • Join different online forums, like StackOverflow, and more to clear your doubts from experts and experienced programmers.
  • Read more to understand more about this programming language. Github and JavaAssignmentHelp are some of the best platforms to learn and read about Java.
  • Stay updated about the advancement in Java programming and its IDEs.
  • Avoid sticking with the single development methodology. It helps you to be more flexible and highly competitive in the programming world.

Why Learn Java Programming?

Java is a very common programming language and it has been used by every IT industry.  It is the best career option with a lot of money making packages. It has a lot of job opportunities in every corner of the globe. It is the most in-demand programming language. It is used by companies in tech, insurance, healthcare, government, finance, manufacturing, education, defense, and more. 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Java for their backend architecture.


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