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What is the best way to learn Java starting from zero?

Programming and software development has become the foundation of the modern world. Without programmers, most modern technology will not exist. Java is one of the most versatile and popular programming languages in the world. Most apps on your smartphone are probably built on Java. That’ why the increase in people searching for the best way to learn Java.

What is Java?

Java is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages in the world. It is a low-level language that can be used on a variety of platforms, but it comes with many features of high-level languages. It is an object-oriented, cross-platform, powerful and robust programming language.

Java is also used for security and robust memory management. It also provides support for a multithreading feature. You can write code that can do many tasks simultaneously. Java programmers use Java for a variety of different things, including app creation, back-end website programming, and game development.

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When compared to other programming languages, Java has several features that set it aside, including:

Java is a simple language

Java is easy to learn and its syntax is very clear. It is based on C++. Java has removed many confusing features e.g. explicit pointers, operator overloading, etc. Java also takes care of memory management and it also provides an automated garbage collector. It collects unused items automatically.

Java is a platform-independent language

After compilation, java program is converted to an intermediate-level language called bytecode. It is a part of the Java platform irrespective of the machine on which the programs run. This makes Java highly portable because its bytecode can be run on any machine by an interpreter called Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java is an object-oriented programming language

OOPs simplifies the entire program by dividing it into several objects. Objects can be used as a connection to the data flow from one function to another. We can easily modify the data and functions according to the requirements of the program.

Java is a robust language

Java programs must be reliable. It is a robust language because java across many Operating systems.

Java is a multithreaded language

Java can do many tasks by defining several threads simultaneously. For example, a program that manages a graphical user interface (GUI) while waiting for input from a network connection uses another thread to perform and wait instead of using the default GUI thread for both tasks. This keeps the GUI responsive.

Java programs can create an applets

Applets are programs that run in web browsers.

Java does not need any preprocessor. There is no need to add header files to create Java applications.

So, Java is a very successful language and it is gaining popularity day by day. Follow these best way to learn Java.

History of Java

Sun Microsystems developed the Java programming language in 1995. It was introduced with the help of the Java Development Kit (JDK), which includes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). JRE includes Java virtual machines (JMs) and software tools such as Java Application Program Interface (APIs) that help in the development of Java applications. The first version of JDK was 1.0 and the latest release of the Java Standard Edition is Java SE 10.

Uses of Java

It was determined that more than 3 billion devices were using Java in some form at the end of 2017. Almost every major company uses it in some way, which has led to huge demand from developers. With this in mind, consider some of the main things that Java is used for:

Web App Development

Java is the best for back-end web developers looking to create new web apps. It’s flexible, and it allows you to build apps that are scalable and easily maintainable.

Android app creation

Although some other languages are being used by Android app development teams, Java is in and still reigns supreme. Android app development was done exclusively with Java in the past, which means there is a huge demand from developers in this area alone.

Scientific Application

Java is also used to create programs and data analysis applications by the scientist.

As you can see, there is a wide range of use cases in Java. The few points mentioned above are just the beginning. Hundreds of different things are happening with Java programming around the world.

Now, let’s take a look at why you should think about learning Java and what is the best way to learn Java.

best way to learn java

Why Should I Learn Java?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages out there, mainly because it is so versatile and compatible. Java can be used for many things including software development, mobile applications, and large system development. By 2019, 88% of all smartphones have a market share on Android, the mobile operating system is written in Java. As a developer, Java opens a lot of doors for you. If you want to learn Java programming, read below. Here I will give you the tips on the best way to learn Java.

The Best way to learn java

There are a lot of reasons to learn Java coding, even if you’re a beginner. Java is a popular programming language known for its reliability and versatility. This behavior can also run on almost every computer without changing. Read these best way to learn Java.

Learn the basics

Learning the basics of any programming language is very important. This is the best way to learn java. Don’t worry, start learning concepts about the Java programming language.

Create some small programs

Once you are sure you are familiar with the most basic concepts. Then you need to come to the second step where you need to start running the basic Java program like this. Hello world, simple additions, and subtraction, etc.

When you are writing programs, keep in mind that the first few programs are going to be difficult for you. But once you understand them, you will not face the same level of difficulty in the next set of programs.

Here I will give you a list of the basic Java programs you can consider for the beginning.

  • Some text messages display.
  • Display the list of numbers (1 to 50) in a new line.
  • Find the max and min between two numbers.
  • Create two classes (superclass/subclass) and practice method overloading and overriding concepts.
  • Swapping between two numbers using any technology you know.
  • Create a calculator program able to add/subtract/multiply and divide the numbers.
  • Create some programs involving array e.g. printing output in an array format in the console.

The above programs are for giving you a start and understanding by basic programs.

Create advanced programs using the Java APIs

Now when you are with the original programs, go to the next step. Here, I will suggest you work hard on learning java APIs inside java collections and java IOs. Just start exploring the different sections and interfaces included in these APIs and start creating programs for them.

Please note that you should always try to find the API and method that exists to do a certain task, and you should not make your argument here. Your goal is to familiarize yourself with these APIs, so always look for a solution within these APIs.

Again, I am suggesting some of the basic programs with which you can start working. Later you can include more APIs and more programs as much as you can.

  • Take input from the console and print it
  • Reading files from a file system and printing its contents in the console
  • Create a new file and write some data on it
  • Read data from a URL and search for its content
  • Store elements in a list, and then iterate on
  • Use Hash Map to store the random key-value pair and iterate it on it in several ways
  • Create some programs for discovering and sorting collection elements

The more and more programs you create at this step, you will get more and more confidence.

Create at least one desktop app and one web app

This step will give you confidence. You need to face any Java interview and prove your strength in Java related discussions. You just need to have at least one Java desktop/GUI application and web application. And now that you have the most basic knowledge, start looking for everything you need to create the application.

Ask help from online java assignment help experts, your experienced friends, colleagues and every person you know and who can help you. Read all the good content available that comes your way when searching for solutions and just learning concepts. Buy some books that relate to the concepts where you are stuck. Do everything that is necessary to build these applications.

Read and participate in some good java blogs/forums

After you complete the above steps, you will be more confidant who is also able to help others like a few months ago. Find people who know less and help them solve problems, even if you need some time. A good place for these activities can be blogs or forums. When you start learning about mistakes others are making, it just opens up your mind in various directions and improves your thought processing capabilities.

Patience is the key

Learning Java will be difficult because of the complex topics about language, but be patient, learn at your own pace, don’t rush. Mastering Java is a process that takes time. And also remember that the best coder would have started sometime. So this is not a big deal, just do as much as you can and will continue to do. Give it your time. Patience is the key to success.

Practice coding

Once you have understood the basics, the best thing is to brush up your skills with regular practice. True knowledge comes only when you execute what you’ve learned, as is said ‘Practice Makes a Man perfect’. So, the more code you read. This will boost your confidence. Remember that perfect practice makes you perfect.

The balance between theory and practice

Some principles are good for building a knowledge foundation yourself, but avoid too much theory at the expense of a little practice. Reading a lot of Java books doesn’t help if you don’t write a program. Don’t try to understand everything at once: read a little at a time and then code, code and code! As you learn, you will click on things as you use concepts in the hands.


Now you provide strategies and techniques to help you learn Java the right way. Overall, the best way to learn Java is practice and consistency.

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