Some of the significant reasons why we use java over python language

Some of the significant reasons why we use Java over python language

Here in this blog, JavaAssignmentHelp experts will explain to you the reasons why we use Java over Python programming language in detail.

Why we use Java over Python

Both Python and Java, are broadly used programming languages of this time. Though, as compared to Java language Python language is more productive in terms of the number of coding lines. Which begins with a simple problem that is the purpose of working with Java language that needs more coding lines. As compared to Python for the same job. In other words, why are people still working with Java language.? Even though it’s a more verbose language than Python?

In this blog, we have discussed some of the reasons why we use Java over Python programming language. Even though this language is not easy to learn as compared to Python, and also its lines of coding are long.

What is Java programming?

The Java programming language is a general-purpose language that is object-oriented. It is class-based, concurrent, and specially created to improve new software for different platforms. When a programmer develops the coding for a java application. However, the bytecodes of the program can be executed on the operating systems such as Mac OS and Linux. Java receives many of its syntaxes from the programming languages C and C++.  

What is the Python Language?

Python is an interactive, general-purpose, and high-level language. It was introduced in the late 1980s. And it is widely used by programmers to show the concept of this programming language within fewer lines. Additionally, it is stuffed with the automated memory management system. And with the dynamic features, python is used for basing the various programming paradigms that involve functional. And imperative programming, object-oriented programming languages, and much more.

Why we Use Java over Python even it Requires More Code

Presently, we will examine the reasons why Java is as yet utilized. Generally, even if it’s a really verbose language that needs a larger number of code lines. And compare to python Java requires more effort. 

Here are some of the reasons why we use Java over Python

Statically Typed 

Despite the fact that there are a few disadvantages of being statically-composed language as talked above, there are also various advantages. Java gives type protection which gets every possible mistake at the accumulated time. Rather than Python which catches at runtime, consequently, the possibility of potential mistakes at runtime gets decreased. This highlights, at last, make it simpler to oversee huge applications. Though Python is a powerfully composed language that gets mistakes at runtime. And runtime mistakes are harder to investigate than order time mistakes. 

Besides, it is very simple to examine Java code as compared to Python which is valuable in circumstances when a group of developers dealing with a similar task. Java software developers would quickly understand each other’s code, as everything is declared unequivocally. However, Python developers would face a few issues while examining its code. Since everything is characterized or appeared at runtime when variable sorts of marks become known.

Execution and Speed 

Despite the fact that neither Java nor Python is the best choice for applications that need high-figuring. As far as the speed and Execution is concerned, undoubtedly, Java has a stronger edge than Python. Thanks to JIT (Just-in-Time Compiler) that converts the bytecode of Java into local machine code rapidly. Also, the presentation of Java can accelerate as equal to C/C++. 

While Python is much slower as far as execution and speed. Python designers can likewise accelerate the presentation of Python code through various programming language usage. For example, they can utilize Cython to accumulate Python code into C/C++ code. And Jython to gather Python code into Java code and so forth. Python doesn’t give local execution and speed as Java does.

More Common in Mobile Development 

The two languages have space in pretty much every computing sector including Scientific Computing, Desktop, Data Analytics, Web, and Artificial Intelligent. We can debate which is best in those parts. While referencing the idea that Python has more edge in the Data Analytics field.

But, the mobile is one of the sections in which Java has a strong amount of reach, much more than any programming language of this period. However, Python matches no place. It is significant that Java is one of the official programming languages of the Android portable stage close to Kotlin. A huge level of applications running on Android devices which includes cell phones or tablets is created on Java. Moreover, a huge number of inserted devices utilize Java.

Though, Python has not excessively kind of helped in cellphone space. Despite the fact that we can create cell phone applications utilizing the library of Python called Kiwi. However, it requires lots of time to assemble that degree of the mobile application. 

Therefore, with regard to the development of mobile applications, Java is the alternative rather than Python.

Parallel Programming and Concurrency 

Java gives full support for concurrency from its primary version. Also, it has added many great features later on multithreading and concurrency over the period. Compared to the Python programming language, Java also helps parallel programming better. Due to Global Interpreter Lock which contains Python to run in a particular CPU, Python is more like a regular language.

Powerful Database Connectivity

Java gains over Python when it comes to database connectivity. Thanks to Java Database Connectivity, Java having powerful database connectivity layers. Likewise, Java Database Connectivity is utilized broadly for Java programs connectivity with various databases like SQL and SQOOP. Whereas, as compared to Java’s Java Database Connectivity Python’s database way layers are weaker.


Both Java and Python sure have several robust frameworks and libraries. However, Java is a definite winner for the development of enterprise-level applications. With a rich collection of mature frameworks and libraries prepared toward enterprise and high volume applications. These frameworks and libraries are supported and maintained by a huge enterprise developers community. Thus, the development of enterprise-application becomes much more accessible. The important ecosystems are the cause of why many languages target Groovy, JVM like Scala, Clojure, and Kotlin, etc.

Moreover, there are also strong dependency management tools like Maven and Gradle found in Java.


As compared to Java python is more productive because it is a dynamically typed language and includes boilerplate code and less verbosity than a Java programming language. Which makes python language easy to learn and understand than Java programming. But there are many reasons why Java is still extensively used programming language than Java programming.

In this blog, we have provided information about why we use Java over Python programming language, parallel programming and concurrency, and powerful database connectivity. Also, the ecosystem required for Java programming. With the help of this, you can easily use the java programming for different purposes.

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