Best YouTube Shorts to MP4 Converter for [2023]


The digital world is all about using videos in specific ways that catch attention and praise, along with many saves from the world. One such platform is YouTube, where YouTube Shorts have created a ripple in the ocean of social media platforms. These short snippets are entertaining and engaging. However, what if you want to save them on your device in a comfortable and compatible mp4 format? Well, you need an SYC PRO for the purpose that serves with following aspects;

  • It must provide a download facility for YouTube Shorts.
  • It must convert the YouTube Short video into a compatible mp4 format.
  • It must be easy to use.
  • It must have a catchy user interface.
  • It must be able to work on various devices and platforms.

Best Software to Use as a YouTube Shorts Video Converter

SYC Pro is the best youtube shorts to mp4 converter that pops as a solution for downloading and converting your favorite YouTube Shorts. It can be your go-to to download YouTube shorts or videos to your Mac. You can also transfer these downloaded videos to iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You get the support of 4K quality and the option of subtitles. As a professional, you can organize your YouTube videos and support YouTube playlists, Vimeo, and Sound cloud. You also get to make recognition for content automatically, along with the facility of a Universal connection bridge.


Check the list of great specs the software has in store for you. These are;

  • It helps create downloads of short videos on YouTube in comfortable mp4 or mp3 format.
  • You get support for 4K UHD 60FPS.
  • It assists in completing downloads of required videos at a six times faster speed.
  • The user interface is friendly and straightforward.
  • You can seamlessly transfer youTube shorts to Apple TV or a music library.
  • It assists with transferring your videos to an Android SD card, iPhone, Mac, and iPod.
  • You can also download content from Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and many versatile platforms in addition to YouTube.
  • You get the output quality in the best format.
  • You can edit the file’s metadata before downloading it to your device.
  • You can even download subtitles of videos.
  • You do not get any ads while using this software.
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Steps to Follow

Step 1: Download and Installation of Software

Complete downloading along with the installation of Youtube Shorts to MP4 Converter on your Mac. You will receive a prompt to enter our email address, and you will get the free trial key.

Step 2: Finding YouTube Shorts for Downloading

Locate the required video on YouTube that you wish to download using any web browser on your Mac. Then copy the URL of the video. Finally, SYC PRO will automatically paste the URL to the downloading queue. For downloading more than one video, you can repeat this step.

Step 3: Converting and Sending the Related Short Videos to the Destination

You can then do conversion along with the transfer of short videos. Once you have selected the video option, you can use conversion to mp4 format opting for 350p to 2160p resolution. In the audio options, you can convert to MP3/AAC format.

Then, go ahead with opting for the destination for the files that you have downloaded. Once you get the desired destination for your videos, tap on the ‘Transfer’ button to wind up the process.

ProTip: If you want to complete the download of YouTube Shorts on iPod, iPhone, and iPad, then connect them to your Mac using a USB cable or by enabling a wi-fi connection. Then you will be able to make transfers of related videos.

Online Options such as Youtube Shorts to MP4 Converter

If you want to avoid installing additional software on your device, we have you covered with two online downloaders. Check them out as under;


If you are searching for a youtube shorts to mp4 converter that does not cost you a penny, then ShortsNoob can be your option. You neither need to create your account on the platform, nor do you need to use YouTube API. Instead, you must paste the YouTube Shorts link and make your download available on your device.

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  • You can get the original quality of YouTube Short videos quickly.
  • You can download your videos in any browser.
  • You do not require any installation to use the software.
  • You can download your YouTube Shorts on a tablet, PC, or mobile.
  • You do not need any signup or login process.
  • You can use it for free and do not require any hidden charges.

YouTube Video Downloader

It is freely available online tool to let you download your short YouTube videos in comfortable formats. You can use it as a youtube shorts to mp4 converter by directly downloading your desired video in mp4 format. It is straightforward to use, wherein you need to paste the link of the required video and tap on the download option.


  • It helps to download your favorite music to listen to it offline.
  • It assists in saving time as you get to convert the videos to a resolution that is compatible with your device.
  • It helps you in sharing videos with family and friends.
  • You can use it for e-learning, too, if you are a student.
  • You get to download short videos from YouTube speedily and conveniently.
  • It works perfectly to skip restrictions from the authorities of YouTube.

Pros of Online Tools

Grab a glimpse of the following advantages of Online tools below:


Online Converters are available for free with a variety of features and are available even without registration.


These are straightforward to use. And do not need installation.

Support for Formats:

 It supports multiple formats and resolutions for all your devices.


You can share files converted directly via email or other networks with friends and family.

Cons of Online Tools

Despite many benefits, online tools also have some loopholes that need to be pointed out as;

Internet Connectivity:

Online converters need reliable and fast internet connectivity; if it is weak, the video cannot be made available quickly.

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Slower Conversion of Video:

Online converters take a more significant portion of your time for video conversion. However, if the internet connectivity is slower, you may get irritated while downloading the video.


If you use any anonymous online tool, you may need to be aware of its safety. However, it may redirect you to some websites of malicious nature that can hamper your data and the security of your system.

Limit of File Size:

You can convert a specific file size limit via online tools.

Reduced Features:

There are no advanced features in online tools available in professional software, but instead, they discourage using customized settings for creating specific video files.

No Flexibility in Adjustment:

With professional software, you get to adjust different output settings like the bitrate of the video, frame rate, resolution, and audio settings.

Youtube Shorts to MP4 Converter: Software vs. Online Tool – Which is Better?

After seeing multiple pros of online converters, we also gathered information about a few downsides of them. It brings us to the conclusion that professional software is far better in terms of output quality, multiple formats availability, and conversion of larger files. So, a professional tool is better as a youtube shorts to mp4 converter, which in this case is SYC PRO.

Final Words

YouTube Shorts are getting popular as people love to use them for entertainment. Moreover, you can watch these videos anytime if they are available offline. However, most devices can run short videos in a comfortable and hassle-accessible mp4 format. For this, you need a youtube shorts to mp4 converter.

As a traditional solution, video conversion is best done with professional software, so we suggested SYC Pro. Not only is it the best adapted for carrying out this functionality, but the added value features add more feathers to the software’s cap. We also suggested two online converters; Shortsnoob and YouTube Video Downloader. Then we discussed the pros and cons of online and professional downloaders, and SYC PRO beat its online counterparts. But what if you don’t want to download the video and just want to include it on your website? You can easily embed YouTube Shorts on your website by using social media aggregator tools.

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