How to Become An Ethical Hacker in 2023 | Everything to Know

Do you want to know how to become an ethical hacker? If yes, you are searching for the same, just follow the given information here to know about it in-depth. 

Right now, the demand for Ethical hackers is too high in various companies and organizations. It must keep protecting its data and systems from cruel activity.

As cybercrime persists in developing and evolves more worldly-wise, companies require people with the skills and ability to outsmart cybercriminals.  

In 2023 and the forthcoming years, the need for ethical hackers will increase if you want to start preparing for a career in this exciting field. Thus, first of all, know how to become An how to become an ethical hacker

Here we provide all the information of how to become an ethical hacker

What Is The Ethical Hacker Meaning?

Hacking refers to exploiting software or hardware flaws to evade security measures. Ethical hacking refers to breaking into a system with the approval of the system’s owner.

Ordinarily, to become an ethical hacker, there’s no universal formula. You need to be sure you’re doing these measures. If this sounds intriguing, read more about ethical hacking and how to get started.

White hat hackers, also known as ethical hackers, utilize their expertise in hacking to help improve the safety of other people’s computers and networks. Before hackers may exploit the vulnerabilities, they work with the system owners to discover solutions.

What Is The Work Of An Ethical Hacker?

The work of ethical hackers is highly valued since they are compensated well for their efforts to breach protected networks. It is often believed that to be successful in their field, those who seek to combat cybercrime must “think like a black-hat hacker” by emulating the criminals’ methods and mindsets.

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A large subset of the hacker community comprises “ethical hackers,” who often counsel businesses needing cybersecurity advice. Ethical hackers also exist in the public and private sectors. Ethical hackers use the same methods and tools as their evil counterparts when testing systems, but they do it with the approval of the system’s owners.

Ethical hacking aims to strengthen a company’s security by exposing and fixing vulnerabilities before malicious actors exploit them. Social engineering tests, which evaluate an organization’s preparedness to counter phishing and similar assaults, are another service that ethical hackers may be contracted to do.

Ethical hackers do penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and other actions and techniques tailored to the specific requirements of their employers to protect their companies from cyberattacks. Examples of this are:

  • Preventing sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized parties
  • Identifying flaws in the company’s computer systems and networks
  • Assisting in the installation of safeguards to secure or “harden” such vulnerable areas
  • Efforts are being made to establish secure networks to prevent security breaches.
  • Promoting confidence among clients and financiers by keeping sensitive data and valuables secure.

What Are Ethical Hacking Types Of Attacks?

These are the following ethical hacking types of attacks; it is such as:

  • Session Hijacking and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks.
  • Credential Reuse.
  • SQL Injection Attack.
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Denial of Service (DoS)
  • Malware.
  • Phishing.

Types of Hackers

The hackers also classified into three types; it is such as;

  • White-Hat Hacker: A white hat is also known as an ethical security hacker. Ethical hacking is a word that indicates a broader type than penetration testing. 
  • Gray-Hat Hacker: Someone who works in computer security and hacking and who sometimes breaks the law or common ethical norms is called a “grey hat,” although, unlike a “black hat” hacker, their intentions are seldom hostile. 
  • Black-Hat Hacker: A hacker desecrates computer protection for their private profit or out of malice.
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Skills for How to become an ethical hacker

If you want to become an Ethical Hacker, you just, at first know its requirements. Follow the below-given information for how to become an ethical hacker.

  • Linux Skills
  • Programming Skills
  • SQL Skills
  • Knowledge of Reverse Engineering
  • Cryptography 
  • Networking Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Hardware Knowledge  
  • Database Skills
  • Problem-solving Skills

Computer Networking Skills

The ability to operate in a network is crucial for an ethical hacker. A computer network consists of a collection of interconnected computers, or Hosts, that may communicate with one another through several different channels.

Ethical hackers will benefit from familiarity with networking concepts like Supernetting, DHCP, Subnetting, and others so that they may investigate the interconnections between machines in a network, identify security risks, and devise mitigation strategies.

Computer Skills

Computer skills are familiarity and competence with computers and associated technologies. Data processing, file management, and presentation creation require fundamental computer knowledge.

Database management, programming, and spreadsheet computations are all examples of advanced computer abilities. These include social media, spreadsheets, Microsoft Office, email, database management, the web, enterprise systems, etc.

Linux Skills

Linux is a group of free, open-source operating systems that share a kernel architecture with Unix. By the GNU General Public License, the OS’s source code is freely available for anybody to modify and distribute. If you’re an ethical hacker, learning Linux is essential since it’s the most secure OS available. Anti-virus software is unnecessary.

Programming Skills

Programming skills are also crucial for an aspiring ethical hacker. So, what does “programming” imply in the context of computers? A computer program ” produces code interpreted by a computing device to accomplish certain commands.”

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That means a lot of code writing is required to improve programming skills. A programmer’s first step before creating code is deciding which programming language will serve their needs best. These are the following languages are usable for hacking, it is such as;

  • C
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Perl
  • C++
  • Java

Primary Hardware Knowledge

The term “computer hardware” refers to the physical components of a computer, such as a processor, display, input devices, memory, storage medium, video card, audio component, motherboard, and so on. In contrast, the software is a collection of instructions that hardware can store and execute. Now imagine that you wish to break into a machine under computer control.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is learning about a product’s structure, requirements, and features by dissecting its source code. It creates a database of programs and uses this to produce data. The purpose of reverse engineering is to provide documentation for a legacy system and facilitate maintenance by increasing the system’s clarity.

Problem-solving Skills

Ethical hackers need to be able to plan and come up with novel solutions. In addition to the technical know-how we’ve already discussed, problem-solving abilities let us evaluate issues and zero in on viable solutions.


In this blog, we discuss how to become an ethical hacker. Surely all this above-given information is most valuable for you. 

You can accomplish your objectives in the time and with the resources you have if you have the abovementioned abilities. You’ll need to hone these abilities to succeed as an Ethical Hacker.

With these abilities, you’d be in a strong position to pick up programming, internet usage, problem-solving prowess, and the use of current security solutions.

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