How to create e-bike store with javascript

E-bikes demand is continuously growing. The global e-bike market is expected to exceed 40.98 billion USD by 2030, according to Precedence Research. Consequently, if you run an e-bike business and do not have an online e-bike store yet, you will most likely create one. 

This article will go over important steps to follow while creating an e-bike store and will suggest some resources to create an e-bike store with JavaScript. Let’s go step by step. 

The benefit of creating an e-bike store with JavaScript

You can use JavaScript to create an e-bike store that performs well and is simple to integrate with other technologies. With JavaScript, you can make dynamic and interactive interfaces for your online store. 

Scalability and performance race are key components for SEO metrics. Scalability makes it possible to handle large amounts of traffic, fast performance considers better user experience (more on that in the following paragraphs). They both could be perfectly done with JavaScript. 

Last, but not least, JavaScript works well with other technologies such as Node.js or MySQL. It makes it possible to integrate front-end and back-end elements of the store. 

3 important steps to follow while creating an e-bike store with JavaScript

There are several critical steps to take when creating an online store starting from server setup to design, but we will focus on the following 3 vital steps:

Backend server
First of all, you will need to set up a backend server to manage the data in your store. The backend server is in charge of storing and organizing data, as well as ensuring that everything on the client side works properly.

Payment service
To ensure a smooth checkout process you need online payment gateways. Payment services tend to offer simple and secure payment options. You can handle the payment process with Paypal, Apple Pay, AmericanExpress, Visa Checkout, etc. You can offer multiple online methods to put you at an advantage. 

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User interface 

Your store should be easy to navigate. With this in mind, you should create a user-friendly UI to ensure that customers are satisfied with their shopping experience. Maintain important sections on your home page. Avoid overusing sections. From 4 to 5 sections is ideal. 

It’s also a good idea to include some introduction sections where you can tell customers about your products and help them choose the best one for them. If you specialize in three-wheeled electric bikes or two-wheeled ones, write about them in this section, mentioning their benefits and differences.  

There are many different types of e-bikes on the market today, such as three wheeled electric bikes , two-wheeled ones, electric tricycles, hybrid e-bikes, etc. Consequently, you can also include an introduction section to assist customers in purchasing an e-bike based on their riding needs and budget.

To create a good user interface design you will need both a strong web designer and a web developer. Oftentimes they can be considered as one person, but there is a huge difference between them: A web designer is responsible for the visual aspects of the website, while web developers focus on technical issues. Their collaborative work can make wonders.  

How to improve your JavaScript performance 

JavaScript can have a significant impact on your store performance. We have already gone through performance importance in the previous paragraphs, now let’s discuss some tips for improving JavaScript performance

Small and clean code 

Clean code can boost performance by allowing it to execute more rapidly and effectively. Because more and more people prefer to use tablets or phones, web performance is also important. Your website will run more smoothly if you use small and clean code. Remember that mobile-friendliness is an important ranking factor. 

Optimize loop
Minimizing the number of loops is a foolproof option to increase performance. In order to make your loops run as quickly as possible, you should try to complete as much work outside of loops as possible. 

Optimize files
When you compress your files you not only improve your website performance but also allow users to download the asset faster. To reduce the number of characters in your files, consider using Gzipping or Minification.

Minimize HTTP requests 

Reducing the number of requests is another important element of performance improvement. Reduced HTTP requests will only benefit your website’s loading time. Ultimately, fast loading is a positive ranking factor. 

5 Resources for Building an e-bike store with JavaScript

Now let’s go through some resources which can be used to create a good e-bike store.  


First on the list is a well-known Node.js. Its advanced programming language is a popular JavaScript development kit for creating web applications and APIs. Node.js can be used to build an e-bike store’s backend and manage user accounts and payment services. 


Sure you are not surprised to see React.js in our list. It’s a perfect resource for building user interfaces. If you want to create a modern, dynamic user experience e-bike store, then React.js is a good match.  


If you need a bit easier resource, then you can choose MongoDB. With its support, you can store and manage data for your store. All documents are stored in Binary JSON format, which allows queries and results to be converted into a format making them more understandable for an e-store application’s frontend code.


Stripe is one of the most famous processing services to handle payments. It makes it possible to accept payments from customers worldwide. Moreover, Stripes uses machine learning to prevent fraud. 


Another good platform to manage payment systems is PayPal. You will need to create a PayPal business account to integrate payment processing service into your e-bike store. You can use PayPal Checkout, Rest APIs, or Partner solution payment methods according to your needs. 

Final thoughts: e-bike store with javascript

We went through the key steps you need to create an e-bike store using JavaScript. You can use the resource which will work well with your e-commerce store. But running a good store is just the beginning, to ensure long-term success and prompt your store, you need regular updates and good marketing. 

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