10 of Costco's Premade Meals You Should Try Once

Vibrant yellow in color, it appeared generously portioned. Usually, my kids adore mac and cheese.

Kirkland Signature mac and cheese

Image Source: Costcuisine

The only dish that needed any preparation at all was the Kirkland Signature Southwest wraps.

Kirkland Signature Southwest wrap with rotisserie chicken

Image Source: Business Insider

I found the Kirkland Signature chicken pot pie to be enormous and shockingly substantial at about 6 pounds.

chicken pot pie

Image Source: Summer Yule

There was guacamole, salsa, and sour cream served with the Kirkland Signature quesadillas.

Kirkland Signature chicken quesadillas

Image Source: Costco Cuisine

Dinner, a stir-fried yakisoba from Kirkland Signature, was entertaining and simple to make.

yakisoba stir fry with seasoned chicken

Image Source: Mashed

The hearty Bolognese sauce and mozzarella were poured over the two piled ravioli.

ravioli lasagna with beef and pork Bolognese sauce

Image Source: Costco Food Database

This dish had a lot of ingredients, which made me realize how much work goes into making a gyro at Costco and how meticulous they are about it.

Kirkland Signature gyros 

Image Source: Costco Cuisine

Although there was a substantial quantity of chicken, I had anticipated a higher noodle-to-meat ratio.

Kirkland Signature chicken Alfredo

Image Source: Costco Cuisine

The chicken street tacos arrived in a longer container than the other dishes, for some reason.

Kirkland Signature chicken street tacos

Image Source: Costco Cuisine

It's frequently whitish and covered in a ketchup-like dark crimson substance.

meatloaf with mashed Yukon potatoes and glaze

Image Source: Mashed

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