7 Things You Must Buy at Costco While on a Retirement Budget

Costco members can save up to 80% on medicines for their families and pets.


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Many Costco locations have gas stations that provide savings at the pump.


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If you use glasses or contacts, Costco Optical has you covered. Visit a skilled optician at a nearby warehouse or shop online.


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Costco provides discounted gift cards for a wide range of restaurants and entertainment options.

Gift Cards

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Get a hearing test and save on a wide range of hearing aid types, accessories, and batteries.

Hearing Aids

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Costco offers a 30-pack (380 sheets) of two-ply Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue for $23.49. 

Toilet Paper

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A 145-fluid-ounce container of Tide Advanced Power With Oxi Liquid Laundry Detergent costs $23.99 at Costco. This similar item costs $34.99 at Walmart.

Laundry Detergent

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