9 Costco Items That Look Expensive, but Aren’t

Although it isn't available on the Costco website, a 1.5-liter bottle can be purchased on Instacart for $9.89.

Kirkland Signature Sangria

Image Source: Wheel N Deal Mama

Eight pieces in a set are available for just $26.99 after a $8 discount.

Stolzle Lausitz Wine Glasses

Image Source: Costco

At a mere $12.99 for almost 1.5 pounds, this makes an ideal holiday present or a wonderful garnish for a dessert.

Truffets de France Cocoa Truffles

Image Source: Costco Business Center

I was shocked to see that it was available online for $599, a $100 reduction from the list price.  

Vanity Table

Image Source: Costco

Prestigious retailer Sur La Table is frequently located in upscale malls. However, Costco offers the company's small kitchen appliances.

Sur La Table Rice Cooker

Image Source: Sur La Table

For just $69.99 for a pair, these wireless color-changing lanterns will add a glamorous touch to your porch or backyard patio.

GloGlobe Wireless LED Color Changing Lanterns

Image Source: Costco

Here's a deal of the season: through November 19, 2023, this is only $19.99.

Life Comfort Reversible Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Image Source: Walmart

With the Solo Stove Yukon 1.0 Stainless Steel Smokeless Fire Pit, which costs only $319.99, Solo makes it simple and inexpensive.

Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit

Image Source: Mancave Backyard

Get an enormous 86-inch class LG UR8000 series 4K UHD LED for $1,099 online or $1,199 in wholesale stores to transform your family room into a home theater.


Image Source: Costco

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