DIY Engineering Projects for Intermediate

If you have some experience with basic electronics and programming, you can challenge yourself with intermediate-level projects that will help you gain a deeper understanding of various concepts.

Raspberry Pi Projects

Use a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to build a media center, a smart home automation system, a security camera, or even a small robot.

Smart Mirror

Build a smart mirror that displays information such as weather, news, and your daily schedule using a Raspberry Pi, a two-way mirror, and an LCD screen.

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CNC Machine

Build a CNC (computer numerical control) machine using stepper motors, an Arduino, and some basic hardware.


Build a small quadcopter drone using a microcontroller, brushless motors, and a 3-axis gyro.

Robot Arm

Build a robotic arm using servos, an Arduino, and a 3D printer to design the parts.

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