What Is Java?

Java is an object-oriented high-level programming language created by James Gosling. It can create any type of program and support almost every operating system, such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

What Is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a general-purpose and open-source programming language. It combines the features of functional and object-oriented programming. Kotlin is free and statically typed and was mainly designed for Java Virtual Machine and Android.

– Java support only object-oriented programming. At the same time, Kotlin support both functional and object-oriented programming. It is one of the main aspects to consider in Java vs Kotlin. – Java supports implicit conversion. In contrast, Kotlin does not provide any implicit conversion.

Java vs Kotlin

– Java supports static members, whereas Kotlin does not support static members. – Java does not support Lamda expression. On the other hand, Kotlin supports Lambda expression.

Java vs Kotlin