Raspberry Pi Project Ideas For Advance 


C# was designed to have a simple and easy-to-learn syntax.

Smart lighting system

Using Raspberry Pi to control lights in your home using voice commands or a mobile app.

Plex Media Server

Setting up a media server that streams movies, music, and TV shows to your devices using Raspberry Pi and Plex software.

Kodi Media Center

Building a media center that plays your media files and provides access to online content using Raspberry Pi and Kodi software.

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Raspberry Pi Project Ideas For Intermediate


Object Follower Robot

Building a robot that can detect and follow objects using Raspberry Pi and a camera module.

Voice Assistant

Creating a voice assistant that responds to voice commands and performs various tasks using Raspberry Pi and a microphone.

VPN Server

Setting up a VPN server using Raspberry Pi to secure your internet connection and access resources remotely.

Network Monitor

Creating a network monitoring system that monitors network traffic and provides alerts in case of suspicious activity using Raspberry Pi and software.

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