The 10 Worst Laptop Brands Today

In the American Customer Satisfaction Index 2023 research, ASUS scored 78, which puts it just above Lenovo and suggests that people are dissatisfied with the company's laptops.


Image Source: ASUS

There is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Samsung laptops. You will either receive a subpar machine or an excellent one.


Image Source: Samsung

Although MSI laptops are widely available, they are not advised due to their relatively low ranking in Laptop Mag's tech support showdown 2023.


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Similar to Sony, LG has established a strong reputation for itself in the TV market. Many people rank its OLED televisions as some of the greatest models.


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Lenovo is a laptop brand to stay away from, coming in bottom place with a score of 78 in the ASCI 2023 study.


Image Source: Lenovo

It will undoubtedly spark debate to include Microsoft on any list of the worst laptop brands currently in existence.


Image Source: Microsoft

Even though Toshiba stopped making laptops in 2020, it continues to license Sharp's name.


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There are many positive things to say about Sony in relation to its televisions and the PlayStation 5. Regretfully, its VAIO notebooks are not exempt from this.


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It's acceptable if you find yourself taken aback when Gateway appears on a list of laptops.


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With 22.5 percent of the market for computers in 2023, HP is just as big as Lenovo. Arguably, HP offers the widest range of laptops for consumers, gamers, and professionals.


Image Source: Walmart

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