Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Burger?

Although we adore the Big Mac, the McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese is as satisfying.

Mcdonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese

That was Wendy's slogan for years until their rivals jumped on the "fresh never frozen" bandwagon.

Wendy’s Dave’s Double

Shake Shack's SmokeShack burger raises the standard for casual eating, where you can even order a beer on tap.

Shake Shack’s SmokeShack

After a day at the beach or in the sun, treat yourself to their West Coast famous Animal Style Double-Double burger.

In-N-Out Burger’s Double-Double

The meat is broiled to give it a faintly charred appearance, which is the secret of Burger King's The Whopper. Compared to others, we can obviously taste the difference.

Burger King’s The Whopper

The Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger and the Pico de Gallo Burger are two examples of what Whataburger's menu options draw from its southern heritage. 

Whataburger’s Double Meat Whataburger

A Five Guys' Cheeseburger is the epitome of Americana. With a toasted sesame seed bread, they sandwich two slices of Kraft American cheese between the two patties.

Five Guys’ Cheeseburger

We don't often think of Sonic's Garlic Butter Burger when we picture a mouthwatering hamburger.

Sonic’s Garlic Butter Burger

The Cheese Slider from White Castle resembles a Lunchables kid's meal from the bread to the square patty.

White Castle’s Cheese Slider

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