How can I improve my Programming Skills?

How can I improve my Programming Skills?

In Order to improve the programming skills you should try to develop logic by own for that start from the basics.

To improve programming skills, you need to concentrate on the following 4 topics:

  1. Programming Languages
  2. Data Structures
  3. Algorithms
  4. System understanding

Each subject is a big topic in itself. But you can try to grab more and more possible slowly in the long term.

1. Programming Languages

Never limit yourself to individual language. Continue to learn multiple languages – one procedural, one object-oriented, one scripting, one functional, etc.

Also, don’t try to learn too many languages in a quick time span. Regularly keep learning one new language every year. But never ignore the old one you learned.

Do not focus only on syntax. Focus on the language paradigm, its weaknesses, and strengths. Understand where each language fits well. Learn what is the language designed to offer.

A good grip on 3-4 languages will give you very good information about these languages, which will be useful to you.

Keep practicing a lot. Almost daily you will have to write a program, even if it is a 10-lines program.

2. Data Structures

Learn all basic data Structures-array, list, tree, graph, trie, dictionary/ Maps, sets, etc.

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You can also learn the advanced data Structures-suffix array, suffix tree, etc.

Apply the data structures to whichever languages you know.

Understand the complexity of the time basic operations (read, write, etc.) for those data structures.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.

Remember to support data structure by language libraries (STL, classes, etc.).

Keep playing a lot with those guys.

3. Algorithms

Learn all easy algorithms-sorting, searching, graph algo, etc.

Learn all the advanced algorithms you can do-dynamic programming, backtracking, etc.

You need to master the algorithm complexity.

You will have to learn how to design your custom algorithm as needed.

Keep applying too many algorithms.

4. System Understanding

Understand your targeted OS nature. What does your OS support? How is the process being performed? etc.

Understand program segments-data, text, stacks, heap, etc.

If your language is based on virtual machines, learn how your VM works at a higher level.

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Here the big mistakes new programmers make all the time:

Switching languages or frameworks frequently, or misleading themselves into believing they can become an expert in all of them.

Personalizing their growing environment with unusual tools, first than more popular tools that can be reliably used while collaborating with others.

Seeking to learn tools like Docker and because they’re new and interesting, also though they haven’t yet mastered more major technologies.

  1. Choose type of software development that in which you are interested
  2. Choose one language to learn
  3. Online website to study. Here are some general options:

FreeCodeCamp for Full Stack JavaScript;

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TheOdinProject for Ruby;

Udacity for Python.

Improve Programming Skills:

1. Know your learning style

We all learn differently. Reading a book learns best. Some people like the experience of the hands or the structure provided by a formal course is required. Fortunately, too many free or low-cost teaching resources are just a quick search so you don’t have to waste your time on ways that don’t suit you. What you do. Here are some of the best sites to get started.

Code School




Free programming books

2. Learn from others

The quickest way to improve your skills is to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of those who enter the area before you.

3. Work on real projects

Practice and challenge yourself. This means that you should always work on a coding project.

4. View Source-Code

View and study their source code. At first, you can feel lost, but over time you will learn to navigate the large codebase, identify design patterns and understand the code quickly.

5. Share what you learn

Teaching is the best way to learn. When you learn something new, don’t keep it to yourself. Share your new skills.

6. Make daily small improvements

No one masters programming overnight. Make one small improvement every day.

7. Explore

Find two to three sources of new information for regular inspiration.

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It takes patience, practice, and determination. Now you know how to improve your programming skills. Java Assignment Help experts provide the best programming solution according to the programming problems of the students of colleges or universities. To get the best programming assignment help hire our experts now.

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  1. Hey thanks
    I have been feeling lost and down . I thought programming is not my cup of tea .
    But after reading your article feeling much boosted and I’m sure I am gonna ride my horse back with double intensity.
    I will take one language at a time . It’s job requirement that made me dig into various framework and languages .

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