Node js vs React: A Deep Comparison That You Should Know

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages these days. It is used in the development of several technologies. Two such technologies are Node.js and React. 

Many students struggle to understand the differences between Nodejs and React. Today, we are going to discuss Node js vs React in detail. 

The primary difference between React and Nodejs is where they are used. Nodejs is used to develop the server side of an application, and Reactjs is used in building user interfaces.

Before going deeply into the comparison of React js and Node js, let’s look at the overviews of both these technologies.

Overview Of Reactjs

React or Reactjs is a front-end and open-source JavaScript library. It is used in the development of user interfaces. React can develop the front end of both websites and mobile applications. React offers excellent performance. It was created by Jordan Walke and was initially released in 2013. 

Features Of React

1. Virtual DOM

React utilizes Virtual DOM to optimize the performance of applications.

2.JavaScript XML

JavaScript XML of JSX helps developers to write the building blocks.

3. Declarative UI

The declarative UI feature of Reactjs makes the code more readable and easy to debug. 

4. Component-Based Architecture

React allows the developers to create multiple components to develop the user interface of an app. Each component has a different logic. With the help of components, developers transfer the data throughout the app without impacting DOM.

React Programming Example

import React, { Component } from ‘react’;

class App extends Component {

   render() {

      return (

         <div className=”App”>


            <h1>Hello Pal, What’s Up</h1>






export default App;


Overview Of Nodejs

Nodejs is a back-end cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It runs on a V8 engine. Node.js was created by Ryan Dehl and was initially released in 2009. It allows developers to use and execute JavaScript language outside of a web browser.

Developers can use Node.js to write server-side scripting, create command-line tools, and produce dynamic web pages. Moreover,  Nodejs provides an event-driven architecture that can perform I/O operations asynchronously.

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Features Of Node.js

1. Cross-platform

It is compatible with several platforms such as Unix, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

2. Scalability

Scalability is another best feature of Nodejs. Node.js can efficiently handle concurrent requests. The cluster module of Nodejs manages load balancing for all active CPU cores.

3. Fast data streaming

Node.js processes data at a fast speed. It can process and upload files simultaneously, which saves considerable time.

4. Node Package Manager(NPM)

NPM is another excellent feature of Node.js. It is the world’s largest online repository. NPM helps in the management of the local dependencies of a project. It has around 50000 to 80000 packages in its public online repository.

Nodejs Programming Example

Node.js example to build a server:

var http = require(‘http’);

// Creating a server object

http.createServer(function (req, res) {

  res.write(‘Hello Pal, What’s Up’);

   // End the response




Hello Pal, What’s Up

Node js vs React: The Main Differences

Node.js and React can both be used in various aspects of an application. Below is the head-to-head information on React vs Node js.

ParametersNode jsReact
Developed ByRyan Dehl in 2009.Jordan Walke in 2013.
ApplicationIt is used in the back end of an application.It is used in the front end of an application.
MVC SupportIt supports Model–view–controller frameworkIt does not support the Model–view–controller framework.
Code ExecutionNode.js runs on the v8 engine of chrome.It uses Node.js for code compilation.
User RequestsIt handles authentications and requests from the browser and also makes database calls.React makes API calls.
DOM(Document Object Model)Document object model concept is not used.Document concept model concept is used
Language usedJavaScriptJSX and JavaScript
Real-time data streamingNode.js handles real-time data streaming easily.The complex architecture of React makes tracking of the traditional approach hard.
PopularityMore popular than React.Less popular in comparison to Node.js
ExamplesUber, Paypal, NASA, eBay, etc. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc.

We can also look at the google trends graph to have an idea about the Node js vs React popularity. The below graph shows the past twelve months’ search popularity comparison of Nodejs and Reactjs. We can clearly see that Nodejs is more popular than Reactjs.  

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What is the preferred technology: Node.js or React?

Both Node.js and React are two of the most popular JavaScript technologies. Several major companies use both of these. That’s why many students think Node js vs React: which of these is better than the other? Actually, it depends on what you want to create. If you’re going to develop a scalable server-side web application, you have to select Node.js. 

On the other hand, if you want to create a client-side of application with dynamic input buttons, you have to choose React js.

You can also choose both technologies concurrently. You can use React js in the front end and Node JS in the backend.

React.js or Node.js: Which should I learn first?

Node.js is for back-end development, while react.js is for front-end development. Sometimes when you learn both, you will be able to do everything. The main benefit is that you only need to know JavaScript to work on both the front end and the back end. That’s what JavaScript can do.

But there are other options for the backend that use popular languages like java, python, or c#. However, the simplicity of JavaScript and its built-in features like non-blocking asynchronous processing and an event-based system makes it the most efficient choice. If you have never used asynchronous calls before, seeing a lot of calling features in a node.js app might seem strange.

Survey 2022: Nodejs Vs React According To Stack Overflow

A poll of 73,268 software engineers from 180 countries all over the world was used to make this report. This shows the number of respondents we consider “qualified” for analysis based on the amount of time people spent on the full, finished survey. 

Comparison of Node js vs React

Image Source: Stackoverflow
Image Source: Stackoverflow

According to both the images from the StackOverflow survey,11,646 people from react wants to work with node js and 12,954 people from node js. wants to work with react.

Loved or Dreaded Framework

According to the StackOverflow survey, 67.36% and 68.19% of developers, respectively, preferred Node.js and the React framework.

In addition to it, 31.81% and 32.64% of respondents dread using these.

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Things You Should Know According To StackShare

Developers say that Node.js is “a structure developed on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime that makes it easy to make fast, scalable network applications.” Node.js is light and fast because it is using an activity, non-blocking I/O model. This makes it perfect for real-time applications that use a lot of data and run on many different devices. 

On the other hand, “A Javascript for creating user interfaces” is how React is described. React is often used as the “V” in MVC. 

Node.js is in the tech stack’s “Frameworks (Full Stack)” category, while React is mostly a “Javascript UI Libraries” library.

The main reasons developers like Node.js are “Npm,” “Javascript,” and “Great libraries,” while the main reasons they like React are “Components,” “Virtual dom,” and “Performance.”

Pros and cons of Node js vs React

Which technology (tool) integrates with Node.js and React?

For Node.js : 

  • ExpressJS
  • Sentry
  • WebStorm
  • CircleCI
  • Datadog
  • Material-UI
  • Meteor
  • Mongoose
  • Pug
  • Ember.js
  • Sequelize
  • Snowflake

For React : 

  • Font Awesome
  • Firebase
  • Redux
  • Sentry
  • WebStorm
  • Socket.IO
  • Next.js
  • Material-UI
  • Gatsby
  • React Router
  • Meteor
  • D3.

Companies that use Node.js And React 

Nodejs Using Companies : 

  • Uber Technologies
  • Netflix 
  • Twitter 
  • Udemy
  • Slack
  • Reddit
  • eBay
  • Accenture 
  • Coursera 

React Using Companies :

  • Netflix 
  • Shopify
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 
  • Cred
  • Delivery hero SE
  • Tokopedia

List Of Alternatives of Node.js and React 


With AngularJS, you can write client-side web apps as if your browser were smarter.


PHP runs it all from your website to the most popular websites around the world. It is fast, flexible, and useful.

3. Python

Guido Van Rossum made Python, a programming language that can be used for many different things. Python is most praised for its clean syntax and easy-to-read code.


JavaScript is known primarily as the programming language for Web sites, but it is also used in many places other than browsers, like node.js and Apache CouchDB. 

Job Opportunities For Node.js vs React Skilled Workers

Software Engineer, Continuous Delivery Platform 
Software Engineering Intern
Senior Software Engineer-front End
 Data Architect/Solutions Architect 
Sr Systems Architect
Software Engineer 
Junior Software Support Engineer
Software Engineering Intern-Summer 2023 

According to glassdoor, the average salary of employees who work with node.js vs react framework is 92,4114 dollars and 111,065 dollars respectively.

Learning Platforms to Learn Node.js vs React

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  • Java Assignment Help
  • Codeavail

Other Platforms : 

  • Udemy
  • Coursera


You have just finished reading our detailed information on Node js vs React. We have started our blog with overviews of both React and Nodejs. We have also looked at the main features of Nodejs and React. We can conclude that both React and Nodejs are excellent web and app development technologies. 

Reactjs is an excellent choice for building interactive and beautiful mobile and web applications. On the other hand, Node.js is best suited for creating non-blocking, event-driven servers. Hopefully, now you know every major difference between React and Node js. 

Moreover, if you need any help with these technologies, you can go for our JavaScript Assignment Help service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I learn ReactJS or NodeJS first?

If you are more interested in the user interface or front-end development, you should go with ReactJS. You can also learn NodeJS if you wish to build the backend of your web app. Otherwise, it is not needed for a front-end developer.

Is Node or React harder?

React is harder than Nodejs. Both React and Nodejs are used for different purposes. React is a front-end library used to create user interfaces. On the other hand, Node js is used to develop the backend. If we talk about the hardness of coding, then definitely React is harder than Node js.

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