Arduino Programming Languages

For Arduino boards, this is the main programming language utilized. With particular libraries and functionalities for Arduino hardware

Arduino C/C++

The integrated development environment (IDE) for Arduino uses a condensed version of C/C++. It offers simpler functions and a user-friendly vocabulary for communicating

Arduino Wiring

The Arduino Sketch is the code written in Arduino's programming language. It combines C/C++ syntax with Arduino-specific functions and libraries.

Arduino Sketch

In the visual programming language Arduino Blockly, code components are represented by blocks. It is frequently used with instructional kits based on Arduino

Arduino Blockly

Now that platforms like Johnny-Five have been developed, Arduino boards may be programmed using JavaScript. It enables programmers who are comfortable with JavaScript

JavaScript for Arduino

The straightforward programming language Lua may be used to program Arduino boards. The eLua project provides a version of Lua specifically made for embedded systems like Arduino.

Lua for Arduino

Python is a well-liked high-level programming language, and tools like PySerial let programmers use Python scripts to interact with Arduino boards.

Python for Arduino

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