Projects of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a diverse field that encompasses the design, analysis, manufacturing, and optimization of mechanical systems.

Renewable energy system

This project involves designing the components, optimizing efficiency, and integrating the system into existing infrastructure.

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Autonomous vehicles

This project focuses on areas like sensor integration, control systems, and safety features.

Robotics and automation

This project involves developing robotic arms, grippers, or mobile robots that can perform tasks like assembly, material handling, or inspection.

Aerodynamics and fluid dynamics

This project can involve designing more efficient airfoils, improving the performance of vehicles, or optimizing fluid flow in industrial processes.

Composite materials

This project may involve designing and testing composite structures for lightweight and high-strength applications.

Biomechanics and medical devices

Work on the design and development of medical devices, prosthetics, or orthopedic implants.

Aerospace engineering

Design and analyze aerospace systems, such as aircraft or spacecraft.

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