Types Of Cloud Computing You Must Know As An IT Student

As in this technological Era, such as IT, sectors are developing day by day, many inventions take place, and several IT organizations, companies are developing.

All the IT sectors have some type of data and in many companies and organizations, they are using cloud services. Cloud computing has many advantages and is in high demand this time.

Cloud computing has been in use for the past two decades. however, There are several types of cloud computing that companies and organizations have been using to store data. Problems like cost or efficiency reduction or data security cloud computing are applicable everywhere.

As a survey was done last year by IDG(International Data Group), 70% of companies are using cloud computing, and 18% said they are planning to execute cloud computing in the upcoming prospect. 

Organizations and companies that are spending money on cloud, security, big data, and mobility are enjoying faster growth as compared to their competitors. Cloud computing is an attractive way to maintain a business since it gives many advantages.

As we are here to discuss Different types of Cloud Computing, but before learning its types we should first have to learn about What is cloud computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

The main purpose of cloud computing is obtaining and collecting several data over the internet. Cloud data does not work offline or we can say it does not collect data on the hard disk of your PCs.

In short The word cloud is taken from a cloud-shaped symbol representing an idea of a complex infrastructure that allows hardware, software, hardware, and remote services. In another word, cloud computing is computing based on the Internet.

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As a result with new cloud options and the phrase  “as a service” apparently tacked on everything possible.

People used to run applications and programs from the software downloaded on the PCs or server in the previous era. But the cloud computing invents for people to find several types of applications over the internet.

Now let’s move toward the important types of cloud computing.

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Main 4 Types of Cloud Computing Important To Learn 

  • Public
  • Hybrid
  • Private
  • Community

Public Cloud

Several Public Cloud companies like amazon, google, or Microsoft. These are some companies that provide shared cloud computing or the data is public by these companies like it provides both infrastructure and services to all customers.

Public clouds have huge amounts of free space, which turns into simple scalability. however, This is usually suggested for collaborative projects and software development. 

This cloud models range from admittance to a totally virtualized foundation that gives minimal more than crude preparation force and capacity (Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS) to particular programming programs that are not difficult to carry out and use (Software as a Service, or SaaS).

Advantages of Public Cloud

  • Easy to manage
  • Easy scalability
  • Cost-effective
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Highly reliable

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is the combination of public cloud and private cloud. This Hybrid cloud type is invented to allow the two platforms to interact with the applications and data easily from one end to the other end.

Therefore, The Hybrid cloud is the best choice for the organizations or business that needs both options in their business.

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Advantages Of Hybrid Cloud

  • Cost-Effective
  • Highly Flexible
  • Highly Scalable
  • Enhanced security

Private Cloud

This Private cloud is a bespoke foundation owned by a single business. Hence, The Private cloud has the ability to provide a controlled environment in which access to IT resources is more centralized within the business.

This type can be managed in-house and may be hosted externally. This cloud type is expensive as compared to others as it provides high-level security to your business and more options to customize the networking, storage, PCs components that suit their IT requirements.

Advantages of Private Cloud

  • Best in security level
  • User customizable
  • Fully server controlled

Community Cloud

This is the different cloud deployment as compared to three others, this is totally different to others type as the community cloud is a collaborative, multi-tenant floor utilize by many organizations to share the same applications.

In this, the users are working within the same field and industry and share common concerns in terms of performance, compliance, and security

The community cloud has functions much like a public cloud type and basically is a private cloud type. The program itself is operated privately, either in a data hub or on-premises. 

This community cloud is mostly utilize by healthcare organizations, government agencies, and many other professional communities.

Advantages of Community

  • Securable
  • Multifunction cloud deployment
  • Privately Customizable

Those above are some important types of cloud computing with their advantages.


As we discussed above, the types of cloud computing with their advantages. Many organizations frequently understand the benefits of cloud computing. Many organizations are investing in Cloud computing because it is a highly securable place to store your data. 

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In this blog, our experts will tell you about the types of online cloud computing assignment help and the advantages it. As a result And how the companies use this cloud to store data according to their needs.

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