Science Fair Project Ideas High School

Science fairs offer a platform for you to explore a topic of interest, ask thought-provoking questions, design experiments, and analyze data to draw meaningful conclusions. 

 Investigating the efficiency of different types of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydroelectric, etc.) and comparing their output in terms of power generation.

Studying the effects of various factors (temperature, pH, light intensity) on the growth of plants and determining the optimal conditions for plant growth.

Analyzing the impact of different types of fertilizers on plant growth and determining the most effective and environmentally friendly option.

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Investigating the relationship between exercise and heart rate by measuring the heart rate of participants before, during, and after physical activity.

Examining the effects of different types of music on cognitive performance and determining if certain genres or styles enhance focus and productivity.

Investigating the antibacterial properties of natural substances (such as garlic, honey, or vinegar) compared to traditional antibiotics.

Analyzing the effectiveness of different water filtration methods (activated carbon, sand, UV light) in removing contaminants and purifying water.

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