C# vs JavaScript | The Difference You Must Know Before Selecting One

Several popular languages can be used to communicate with computers that are independent of the user’s native language. We’re talking about computer programming languages, which implies we have to go over C# vs. JavaScript’s differences.

Both C# and JavaScript are object-oriented, general-purpose programming languages. C# also is the derivative from C language with the features of object-oriented and procedural programming language.

It was designed to develop software from small functionalities to large operating systems. It is a multi-paradigm language that is strongly typed, imperative, declarative, functional, and component-oriented. 

On the other hand, the JavaScript language is a high-level programming language. This is found primarily in web browsers. JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, is the cornerstone of the world wide web.

This makes client-server contact possible. JavaScript used by an overwhelming majority of websites and almost all modern web browsers have JavaScript engines. 

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional, and imperative programming types. it is a multi-paradigm language. It can work with text, arrays, regular expressions, dates and can perform basic manipulation of the document object model (DOM). 

Before discussing some of the major differences between C# vs javascript let us know a little bit about them.

What is C#?

C#, also known as C sharp, is a multi-paradigm general-purpose programming language that includes highly powerful syntax. It was produced and created by Microsoft Corporation.

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Its syntax includes curly braces, which are nearly related to Java, C, and C++. The application that is developed utilizing c# will work on the .Net framework. C# programming language has improved several complexities of c++ and gives many excellent features like enumerations, null value types,  delegates, direct memory access, and lambda expressions.


C# using System
; namespace HelloWorldApplication
class HelloWorld
static void Main(string[] args)
/* my first program in C# */
Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”);

C# Features

C# language is an object-oriented programming language. It gives a lot of features that are given below.

  • Simple
  • Object-oriented
  • Scalable and Updateable
  • Rich Library
  • Modern programming language
  • Type safe
  • Interoperability
  • Component oriented
  • Structured programming language
  • Fast speed


JavaScript is sometimes abbreviated as JS. It is a lightweight, object-oriented, interpreted programming language with first-class functions that are extensively utilized as a scripting language for Web sites. Still, it is often used in several non-browser environments. 

It’s a prototype-based, multi-paradigm scripting programming language that helps imperative, object-oriented, and functional programming types.

This programming language is a client-side scripting language that can be utilized to produce and program how web pages respond when an occurrence happens. 

JavaScript is a popular scripting language that is usually utilized to control the actions of web pages.


<p onclick=”myFunction(this, ‘red’)”>Click to change color.</p>
<script> function myFunction(element,colour) { element.style.color = colour; } </script>

JavaScript Features

Below we are going to discuss some major features of the JavaScript programming language.

  • It is a Light Weight Scripting programming language
  • Dynamic Typing
  • Functional Style
  • Client-Side Validation
  • Object-oriented programming support
  • More control in the browser
  • Interpreted Language
  • Platform Independent
  • Prototype-based
  • Async Processing
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Difference Between C# vs JavaScript

When we talk about JavaScript vs C#, the differences between these two programming languages are vast. However, these two programming languages do have some places where they overlap.

Curious to know? Let’s break it down.

  • JavaScript language has so many tutorials, documents, and help available to make it easy to learn.
  • C# language is so complicated and vast; it may scare the newcomer at first sight.
  • The peer network and developer community in both JavaScript vs C# are strong, but it looks like C# has a better peer group in windows developers in hindsight.
  • These days, as no one can get away with learning just a single language, it doesn’t matter which one you begin with. Knowing both JavaScript and C# will only be useful in the long run.
  • Usually, one has to write so multiple code lines in C# like Java to get things done, but there is nothing like that in Javascript.
  • The C# programming language syntax is more compatible than conventional JavaScript.
  • JavaScript language is that it is still growing. This is one good thing about this language over C#. Newer things build in other languages also began to come into JavaScript.
  • JavaScript has many free libraries and powerful community support available, while C # is very restricted because it’s largely based on windows.

Comparison Table C# vs JavaScript

                  C#                            JavaScript
C#  is an object-oriented programming language.It is a scripting language.
It may review and write records in case permitted for it by Silver light edition.                               It can not be scanned or entered in client machine documents.
C# has LINQ, an important .NET feature which can be used for local questioning.JavaScript has isolated libraries like underscore.js to do the local questioning
C# has overburdening capacities for administrator and transformation.Also, it has no administrator, only overburdening shifts.
It can be found in so many widely varying applications.JavaScript’s most important function is to intuitively shape web applications.
C# can be a profoundly robust dialect that engineers tend across the globe against.The variety of JavaScript is limited and that dialect has a few pitfalls.
C# requires a plugin.JavaScript runs in maximum browsers without a plugin prerequisite.
Static written.JavaScript is dynamically written.
C# write code using the concept of types.Javascript can write the code only for javascript in HTML.
C# used on the server side.Similarly, Javascript used client side.

What language is best for coding, C# vs JavaScript?

C # programming is much better as compared to JavaScript, no doubt. JavaScript has many bugs and pitfalls; many transpilers are aimed at solving those problems. TypeScript is worth studying at the moment as it brings some advantages of statically typed languages into JavaScript. Due to the compatibility issue, we cannot simply replace JavaScript with TypeScript.

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When you want to create web applications, JavaScript will most likely need to be used in one way or another. This will mostly be for the frontend, but you might also use the blazer of C# to create web applications.

Which programming language is the most demanding in 2021?

As you can see in the graph the demand for Javascript language is high as compared to C# language. But it doesn’t mean you should learn Javascript only because there are many advantages of C# over Javascript. The reason which makes Javascript the best and most demanding one is because the JavaScript language is that it is still growing. This is one good thing about this language over C#. Newer things build in other languages also began to come into JavaScript. JavaScript programming language has many free libraries and robust community support available, while C # is very restricted because it’s largely based on windows


C# and JavaScript were created almost at the same time, and both had a particular purpose in mind. C# was created to support Microsoft, while JavaScript was created to support the Web. C# and JavaScript seem to have their own set of benefits and drawbacks in terms of differences. 

JavaScript, for example, can be used on several internet-based platforms and is most extensively used to develop Web sites and support internet browsers.

C#, on the other hand, is widely regarded as the superior software because it is easy to use, more dependable, efficient, and stable, even though it is a Microsoft-only language. Consider the differences between programming languages as well as the job at hand when choosing which to use. JavaScript will be required for web-based projects, while C# will be required for software-based projects.

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