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17+ Fun & Interesting Arduino Project Ideas In 2023

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While the Arduino microcontroller board is relatively small, it can perform significant tasks by automating functions around the home or keeping an eye out for potential danger. One of the most exciting things about an Arduino is the many ways it can help simplify your life.

All the mentioned projects are doable since they come with the necessary components, source code, and detailed how-to guides. The projects we’ve chosen represent a range of complexity and scope in recognition that people’s day-to-day lives and financial circumstances are uniquely their own.

17+ Arduino Project Ideas – For Beginners, Intermediate And Advance Level

We’ve gathered some of the most useful Arduino project ideas to help you streamline your everyday life. There are, as you would expect, a plethora of worthwhile efforts. These Arduino ideas can help you get things done quicker and easier, whether you need to water plants on a schedule or sweep the floor often.

Arduino Project Ideas For Beginners Level Students

Circuits for novices to learn and practice on. Arduino is the simplest and easiest option for beginners to learn and practice. Thus, we have included some introductory Arduino projects that might serve as a platform for further exploration of circuits and Arduino boards.

1. Smart plant watering system using Arduino

An automated plant-watering system built on the Arduino Uno prevents plants from drying up due to irrigation delays. Soil moisture sensors are used to monitor the ground’s moisture content. Once the soil’s moisture drops too low, the board will activate a pump to bring water from a reservoir to the plant roots. These materials are needed to complete the project.

  • Soil moisture sensor (FC-28)
  • Resistor (220 ohms)
  • Breadboard
  • Arduino Uno
  • Connecting wire
  • Transistor (NPN)
  • DC motor
  • Water tubes

2. Streetlight control using Arduino

The streetlight control is also included in the Self-turn on and off systems developed using the Arduino board to replace human manipulation of lamps. A light-detecting sensor is used to regulate the power of streetlights, allowing them to switch on and off automatically. The absence of illumination triggers the sensor to switch on the streetlight power source and vice versa.

  • LED
  • Resistor 4.7 kilo Ohms
  • Breadboard
  • Light detecting resistor
  • Connecting wires
  • Arduino Uno
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3. Alarm clock using Arduino

You can create a functional alarm clock using the Arduino board, real-time clock module, and buzzer. The alarm and time are set using push buttons. The internal battery powers the clock module. Down below, you’ll find a list of all the things you’ll need:

  • Resistor (220 Ohms)
  • Connecting cables
  • Buzzer
  • Potentiometer (10 kilo Ohms)
  • Breadboard
  • Pushbuttons (4)
  • DC battery (9V)

4. Security system for home using Arduino

Connecting a motion sensor to an Arduino may create a cheap and effective home security system. It makes it simple to see the burglar attempting to enter the home. The user is alerted through a communication module when an intruder is detected. A similar buzzer is installed for inhabitants’ alarm purposes. The following is a list of the components needed to construct a home security system.

  • Wires for connection
  • Passive infrared sensor (PIR)
  • Buzzer
  • GSM module

5. Battery health checking system using Arduino

It is also included in the best arduino project ideas. You are using Arduino, and a simple tester is built to examine the batteries’ condition. Battery voltage is a good indicator of overall battery health. It will be accomplished with the if loop in Arduino code, with the output of LEDs of varying colors representing the state of charge in the cell batteries. To do this easy task, you will need the following materials:

  • Red color LED
  • Breadboard
  • One resistor of 2.2 kilo Ohms
  • Green color LED
  • Connecting wires
  • Arduino Uno

Arduino Project Ideas For Intermediate-Level Students

Following are the best Arduino project ideas for intermediate-level students.

6. Considerations

Before peeking at our choices, let’s figure out the standards we used to make our selections:

  • Challenging: All these Arduino projects will present a genuine DIY experience, whether it’s the formation process, the program needed, the number of elements, math, or the theory behind the Arduino project.
  • Cheap: Although all Arduino projects need materials to be bought, the instructions are complimentary.
  • Replicable: All Arduino projects are picked up to include a code, bill of materials (BOM), and required instructions for wiring and gathering to bring the project out.

7. LED Cube

The LED cube is included in the best arduino project ideas. Cubes of LED lights are an excellent activity for people of all skill levels. It is solved by counting the number of LEDs along each cube’s edge. It also takes a steady touch and greater complexity to construct the cube as additional LEDs are added.

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8. Writing Machine

Nowadays, a CNC machine can perform almost anything thanks to its expanding capabilities. You may also use this device to produce an ideal essay. Aside from flawless handwriting, there is no assurance that the content will be worthwhile.

This ingenious apparatus operates at a constant height and requires little traction since handwriting generates so little friction. A timing belt drives the pen in exact XY motions, and the system includes an on/off, up/down action in the pen tool head for lifting the needle off the paper.

Arduino Project Ideas For Advance Level Students 

Let’s know the following best Arduino project ideas for Advance level students.

9. Levitation System

The inventor suggests using proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control. It continuously varies current to maintain a specific temperature or other target value to keep the pot afloat in a steady position. Moreover, the levitation system is included in the best arduino project ideas category. The PID controls two solenoids—one in the vessel’s upper portion and another at its lower level. PID control adjusts the induced magnetic current produced by feeding electricity via a solenoid, maintaining the pot at a fixed height above the ground.

10. Mini-Oscilloscope

It is also included in the arduino project ideas. Now it’s time for a theoretical challenge. You don’t need a deep understanding of electronics to build something similar to someone else’s work, but if you want to make something completely new, you should hit the books.

Some electronic engineers specialize in just one area, signal handling. Learning a great deal about your system is possible by observing it and interpreting the signals it sends and receives.

To read and show electrical waves, you need an oscilloscope. Sine waves, triangle waves, and rectangle waves may all be revealed. It is of paramount significance in electronics and signal processing.

Technical-Based Arduino Project Ideas For Students

11. DHT11

The Device is a temperature controller sensor that measures both relative humidity and temperature.

These sensors have a chip that converts analog to digital and sends out a signal with information about the humidity and temperature. This makes them simple to use on another another computers, including Arduino.

  • The range of humidity for this product is between 20% and 90%.
  • Temperature range: from 0 to 50 celsius

12. DHT22

Both the DHT11 and the DHT22 are temperature sensors. It also measures the temperature and humidity, as well as the pinout is the same. It costs a little more, but it is more exact and can measure a wider range of temperature and humidity.

13. LM35DZ, LM335, LM34

This device is a horizontal thermometer that is set up in Celsius right out of the box. The analogue output is directly related to the air temp in Celsius: 10 volt per Celcius rise in temperature.

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The LM335 (which is calibrated in Kelvin) and the LM34 are a lot like this sensor (calibrated in Fahrenheit).

  • The range of humidity for this product is between 20% and 90%.
  • Temperature range: -50 to 150 Celcius

14. BMP180

The BMP180 is a sensor for measuring barometric pressure, but it can also measure temperature. This is an important part of any project for a weather station.

  • Temperature range: 0 to 65 ℃

15. TMP36

The analog temperature sensor is what the TMP36 is. It gives out an analog value that is related to the temperature of the room.

It’s like the temperature sensor LM35 in a lot of ways.

16. LM75

Some other helpful temperature sensor is the LM75 sensor. It works through I2C interaction, which means that the SDA and SCL pins on the Arduino are used to talk to it. One of these sensors can be bought for about $2.

17. BME280

The BME280 is a sensor that measures barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity. It can talk to other devices using either the I2C or SPI protocols, and the BME280 module can be powered by either 3.3V or 5V.

18. DS18B20

The DS18B20 is a digital temperature sensor with only one wire. This means that to talk to Arduino, you only need one data line and the GND line.

Each DS18B20 device has a distinct 64-bit serial code. So, you can connect more than one sensor to the same information wire. So, you can use just one Arduino microcontroller to get the temperature from more than one sensor.


In this blog, we discussed the Arduino project ideas for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. 

Furthermore, we also discussed some technical-based arduino project ideas that will be beneficial for you.

All these are the above-given information that describes the top 17+ Arduino Project Ideas. Indeed this blog information is most helpful for all kinds of users.

Generally, all this blog information is crucial for you. Suppose you are looking for the best arduino project ideas. Of all of these best projects, the highly used arduino projects are the levitation system, Motion-Activated Night Light, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Arduino used at NASA?

The NASA team used an Arduino Mega, an XBee, and an Iridium module to build a gateway. The Arduino was used to handle communications in between the community XBee wifi network and the Iridium satellite uplink, which is a long-distance connection.

Q 2. Does robotics make use of Arduino?

You can understand regarding devices, mechanics, and software by using the Arduino Robot. It looks like a small computer with wheels. It includes a variety of projects that are easy to copy, as well as a strong robotics platform you can hack to do all kinds of things.

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