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Cloud Architect – What Skills Do I Need?

Many companies are starting to realize the importance of having experts in the cloud field in a company, along with the increasing use of cloud technology in accelerating the realization of digital transformation in these companies.

This is in contrast to research findings which show that 90 percent of corporate IT policymakers report low skill of their employees in the cloud field.

Currently, there is a growing need for professionals in the IT field who have expertise in cloud architecture, and are good at planning, designing, developing, migrating, and operating applications in the cloud.

We can say that the role of the cloud architect is almost non-existent. However, since the rapid adoption of the cloud, the role of cloud architect has become a target and is expected to continue to bring many new opportunities for business growth and innovation in companies.

What are the tasks of a cloud architect?

A cloud architect is responsible for managing the cloud computing architecture in an organization.

They must have in-depth knowledge of the technical principles of architecture and services used to develop cloud strategies, ensure continuity of system migration to the cloud, review workloads on architectures, and issue guidance on how to address high-risk issues.

To be able to do this, a cloud architect must have a high understanding of business, technical, and interpersonal skills. In addition, they are expected to be able to provide technical training that is continuously updated so that they can keep up with the times.

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A character like this is very important to have because the role of a cloud architect is no longer limited to designing infrastructure solutions such as databases and storage. Today, building and creating today’s reliable solutions equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning, is also the job of a cloud architect.

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What skills are most needed in a cloud architect?

1. Flexible and have a high desire to learn

A cloud architect must be able to work in all working conditions and be open to learning about new things that characterize each project and customer they deal with.

The high desire to continue honing their skills, be it for those who are beginners or those who already have long working hours, will certainly help them in making guidelines for each organization.

A cloud architect who has a high sense of curiosity will have a wider provision in presenting solutions to any problems that occur.

2. Time management

Cloud architects must be able to manage their time well. Their daily activities are always dynamic: meeting with customers, business trips, writing scripts, preparing migration plans, deepening their knowledge of new features through online training, and doing troubleshooting.

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Everything is done in order to solve the various problems and needs faced by each customer. Therefore, a cloud architect must make daily plans based on priorities and understand very well how to maximize their work within their limited time.

3. Proficiency in communication and high business sense

There are many parties involved in a company’s cloud journey, from budget providers, security teams, and technical teams, to decision makers about cloud provisioning in companies.

Therefore, a cloud architect is expected to be proactively involved in every meeting regarding this matter and always be ready to communicate their design plans to all interested parties in the company.

Successful cloud architects are those who understand how to convey messages to an audience with minimal or no technical knowledge, while how they align recommendations with company needs in achieving the growth they want to achieve.

4. Quick in making decisions

Oftentimes, cloud architects are the ones that stakeholders look up to when they need solutions to the problems they face. It is important for a cloud architect to be able to provide a clear and unequivocal perspective.

This is a guarantee that not only are these problems in the right hands to be handled properly, but also that the cloud solutions that have been recommended by cloud architects are safe, robust, affordable, and have excellent operations.

Quick in making decisions does not necessarily mean dominating. Cloud architects need to be able to provide guidance with ease, thereby demonstrating that they know what they do.

5. Technical prowess in the industry

A cloud architect must also have the technical expertise that forms the foundation of cloud architecture planning and management. These skills include basic programming, software development and continuous system integration, databases, network and security expertise, architecture expertise that supports modern applications, and many other technical skills.

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In recent years, we have watched the development of cloud computing, from a relatively foreign technology to become one of the driving pillars of business. Although technology itself has changed a lot, most of the skills needed to be successful in this field have remained the same.

It takes a high level of commitment to understand how to optimize the potential of the cloud and empower them to make the most of it.

About The Career

Cloud architects are believed to have promising prospects, by increasing the need for cloud services in technology companies. In addition, many businesses are realizing the importance of the cloud in storing and accessing data on a large scale.

This means that the need for human resources in this field continues to increase.

Cloud architects who have a professional certification can generally work in cloud service provider companies themselves, such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

In addition, many medical companies have targeted cloud architects to help them map and design solutions for their systems.

For example, to map the genome and predict disease from its symptoms. Companies engaged in traveling or entertainment, such as Traveloka and Netflix, also need a cloud architect to host their services.

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