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Difference between Java and JavaScript: One should know in 2022

When talking about these two terms Java and JavaScript, Many people think that these two terms are similar. 

But actually, they are not. 

These two are not similar, they are different. Are you confused after listening that these two are different? Then, don’t worry! In this blog, we will go through the difference between Java and JavaScript & make your confusion clear. 



Java is an Object-Oriented programming language & is fast and reliable. It runs on a JVM platform that allows you to create compiled programs. Java Support WORA ( write once run anywhere). 

Before going through with the difference between Java and JavaScript. Let’s discuss the features of these terms.

Features of Java:

Platform independent: 

As the name suggests, Java is a platform-independent language. The compiler converts the java source code into bytecode, and the JVM executes the bytecode. If we compile a program on windows, we can also execute it on Linux or vice versa. 

Note: About Bytecode
Bytecode is an intermediate representation. The JDK (Java Development Kit) compiles the java source code into bytecode and saves it as a .class file. Then it is executed by JVM. 

Object-Oriented programming language: 

OOPs (Object-Oriented programming language) aim to organize the program in terms of collecting the objects. The four concepts of OOPs are:

  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance


Multithreading is used to achieve multitasking. It is a process of executing multiple threads ( smallest unit of processing) simultaneously for maximum CPU utilization. 

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JavaScript is a text-based lightweight Scripting language used to make web pages interactive. It is also used for client-side & server-side developments.JavaScript is not similar or related to java. One is a programming language & One is Scripting Language. Both languages have C-like syntax, but there are few similarities only. 

Features of JavaScript

Client-side Validation

Client-side validation is an initial check feature. Before submitting any information to the server, it is essential to ensure that all the information is correct and filled in with the proper formatting. 

Support Browsers:

JavaScript has the most significant features in that it supports all types of modern browsers. Users can do any data validation in browsers themselves. 

Interpreted Language:

JavaScript is an interpreted language in which the script is processed line by line. The interpreter in JavaScript Interpreted these scripts. 

Note: Difference Between Programming language and Script language
If we talk about these two terms, there is a slight difference between them. All the scripting languages are also programming languages. But the difference between them is that scripting languages are interpreted and don’t require any compilation step. 

What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?

Type checking Java is a Statically Typed language, and the variable is checked in compile-time in Java. JavaScript is a Dynamically typed language, and its syntax is very reliable. 
Concurrency Mechanism Java Concurrency has a thread-based approach.JavaScript Concurrency has an event-based approach.
Multithreading Java Supports Multithreading.JavaScript doesn’t support Multithreading.
Running Platform Java runs on a Java Virtual Machine environment.JavaScript runs only browsers, and now it runs on the server via node.js.
Java has a file extension named .Java. 
JavaScript has a file extension named .js.
LanguageJava is a standalone language. JavaScript is a prototype-based language.
Salary The average salary of a Java developer is 74,000 USD per annum.The average salary of a JavaScript developer is 82,000 USD per annum.

Which is better between Java and JavaScript?

As we discussed above, the difference between Java and JavaScript. You may be clear about what is best for you. JavaScript web development is faster than Java, and we can use it to do monotonous things like making animations in HTML. But for complex and large mobile or desktop software, Java is a better option. 

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JavaScript is known for client-side validation, and while creating any client-side scripts for tasks, JavaScript validation & interactivity is reserved for. On the other side, Java is typically used for server-side developments. Both the languages have their advantages. Now it’s up to you to choose the right one for you as you know about the features and differences between Java and Javascript.

Bonus Point

The 4 alternates to Java and JavaScript for beginners to consider

Python:- Python is one of the popular alternatives to Java & JavaScript. It is a general-purpose language & its syntax is elegant, and also the code is readable. If you are a beginner, then python suits you. 

Go:-  Go is a clean, efficient & concise programming language. It is a fast, compiled & interpreted language which compiles quickly to machine code.

It has a concurrency mechanism which makes it easy to write a program. 

Scala:- It is a Scalable language that means Scala grows with you. It feels like a scripting language whose Syntax is low ceremony & concise. One can also rely on Scala for a large mission-critical system. 

Abstract:- Abstract creates & extends the stable technology of Git to manage & host your work. 

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Hope now your confusion is clear about the difference between Java and JavaScript. They have a few similarities, but these two terms are totally different. Both Java and JavaScript work differently. 

Now, you are clear with the features and differences between Java and JavaScript. So make your choice between them because both have their advantages. 

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If you have any questions or feedback, let us know with a comment. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Question

Which fields have more demand now between Java or JavaScript?

The simplest answer to this question is that it depends on your choice and interest. But in the 2021 StackOverflow survey, JavaScript is the most popular scripting language used by 64.96% of people compared to Java which is used by 35.35% of people. Also, Javascript is used by 68.62% of professional developers.

What should I learn first, Java or JavaScript​?

According to the Stackoverflow survey, JavaScript is the most popular language, and you can build any desktop app, mobile app, VR app, or web app. You can start with this language as it is widely used, and the job opportunities are vast for those who are skilled in JavaScript. But the competition is high in the market then it’s hard for you to find a job as a junior developer. On the other side, Java is usually suggested as the first language to learn in universities as it is considered hard to learn than JavaScript.

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