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23+ Best Java Projects Ideas for Beginners To Advance Level

Is learning a programming language theoretically enough to be proficient? Projects will help you feel more confident in coding. Java is one of the most used programming languages throughout the globe. Java works on the backend and is a high-level object-oriented language. You can use java to create web applications, mobile applications, games, and many more. If you are learning Java and are currently a beginner, consider focusing on the project. Here are some java project ideas for beginners that can help your career.

You can use java applet, swing, and many other frameworks to support your projects. Java is also used in android. You can create these projects in android too. Android Studio is an IDE you can use to create android apps.

Java Projects Ideas For Beginners To Advance Level 

Beginner LevelIntermediate LevelAdvance Level
Quiz GameData Visualization AppClassical Video Game 
Library Management SystemE-Healthcare AppPhone Emulator 
Converter AppSitting Arrangement in Exams AppOnline  Book Store 
Banking Management SystemWord Counter Tool Bug Tracking System
Online Shopping and Ordering SystemScientific CalculatorFlapping Bird Game
Guess The Number GameOnline Book StoreEmail System
Electricity Billing AppCriminal Face DetectionBudget Tracking App
News AppSnake Game Temperature Converting App

Top 8 Easy Java Projects Ideas for Beginners

Here are some java project ideas for beginners:

1. Quiz Game

You can make a quiz game if you are creative and a game lover. You can add a point system to make your game look more interactive and competitive. A quiz game will take the player’s username and display questions randomly. You can use the random() method to do so. Attach a database and add questions to it so that there are dynamic data changes while playing a game. You can even think of making many categories. You can make it a fun or informative match by making it a quiz app for any of your subjects.

You can use an API if you don’t want to add questions manually. You can select from many APIs available with the documentation to install them. This will make your task easy and help you learn to integrate an API.

2. Library Management System

Creating a management project will greatly help you. You can add the following functionalities:

  • Login/Signup page
  • Portal to see all the books and magazines based on categories.
  • You can add the count of books available
  • Column to Issue and Return a book.
  • Author info along with the book’s description
  • It is mandatory to keep track of the time books are issued.
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3. Converter App

A converter is useful in many places, such as banks, offices, schools, etc. It is an easy, and basic app one can create as a beginner. All you need is to do calculations at the backend and display the result on the screen. The converter app will take 2 inputs and perform conversions to return the result. You can take inputs in 2 variables and put the result into 3rd variable. You can start by creating a console-based code to understand how it will work. First, create a money converter app with INR and dollars as options. To take your app to the next level, you can add more options, such as converting:

  • Time
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Currency
  • Temperature
  • Speed

This kind of app will make you use a good amount of your analytic and mathematical aspects. Making a good UI will make your project look more appealing.

4. Banking Management System

You can build a banking management system. If you are a beginner, creating a management system would be ideal. You can create a console-based program and an application too. There can be an account log-in by account id and pin. You can create different columns for “Withdraw,” Deposit,” “Account info,” and “Pin change.”  

This project will help you understand how java works in the backend. Also, you will learn the working of a bank. You can add a loan portal and documents section to store users’ documents.

5. Online Shopping and Ordering system

Online shopping and ordering systems are in demand. Your project will relieve many people from going to physical stores and waiting in queues. You can use the database to store users’ details and orders. Attach a cart option where users can add and buy many things simultaneously. Also, you can display more variety and options for a particular item online. You can add many filters to search for the desired item. Create different portals for customers and owners. You can use java applets and servlets to make your app run online. An android app for the same could be a more handy option and can be useful enough.   

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6. Guess the Number Game

The number-guessing game is an easy project to work on as a beginner. Code generates a number, and the user has to guess the number. The game will become more difficult if you increase the number range from 100s to 1000s. You can include options such as

  • Too low guess
  • Too high guess
  • You are close
  • A little high
  • A little low

You can also create levels such as easy, moderate, and high. You can change the data range here, and the rest of the game will be the same. 

7. Electricity Billing App

A billing app can be very time-saving; you can create one using java. It will be an easy project for you as a beginner. It should have a column where people can upload their details and identity proof. Take the units used and the time input from the users. Automatic generation of the bill will be faster and easier. You can attach many payment options to it to make the app more attractive. You can also create a login portal to make the app more secure. And can also provide the past transactions section.

8. News-App

Being a beginner, you can create a new app using java. It will be a useful and fun project. All you need is an API to install. API will fetch the data automatically. APIs will provide you with categorical and location-based news too. You can create sections to add filters. Users can easily switch between the categories and locations if they wish to. Categories will be:

  • Sports
  • Business
  • Health
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Fashion

You can even create an android app for the same. Then you can use your own build project on your phone and flaunt it in front of your friends. You can even add animation effects while switching between the categories. 

Java Projects for Engineering Students

Here are some Java project ideas for engineering students:

  • Vehicle Routing Problem Solver: Develop a program that solves the vehicle routing problem, which involves finding the optimal routes for a fleet of vehicles that need to visit multiple locations. This can be useful for transportation companies and logistics firms.
  • Smart Irrigation System: Design a system that uses sensors to monitor soil moisture levels and automatically waters plants when needed. This can be helpful for farmers and gardeners who want to conserve water and improve crop yields.
  • Power System Simulator: Create a program that simulates the behavior of a power system, including generators, transformers, and transmission lines. This can be useful for electrical engineers who must design and optimize power grids.
  • Home Automation System: Develop a system that controls various home appliances, such as lights, thermostats, and security systems. Use Java to create a user interface that allows homeowners to manage their devices remotely.
  • Solar Energy Management System: Design a program that monitors solar panels and optimizes their performance by adjusting their orientation and tracking the sun. This can be useful for renewable energy companies and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Waste Management System: Create a system that tracks waste disposal and recycling in a city or town. Use Java to develop software that analyzes data on waste production, collection, and disposal to optimize the process and reduce waste.
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Simple Java Projects Ideas

Here are some simple Java project ideas for beginners:

  • Calculator
  • Guess the Number
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Temperature Converter
  • Currency Converter
  • Password Generator
  • Simple Text Editor

How to Create Simple Project in Java

  • Choose a development environment: There are many development environments available for Java, such as Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans. Choose one that suits your needs and install it on your computer.
  • Create a new project: Open your chosen development environment and create a new Java project. Give it a meaningful name, such as “HelloWorld” or “Calculator.”
  • Create a new class: Inside your new project, create a new Java class. Give it a name that describes its purpose, such as “Main” or “Calculator.”
  • Write your code: Inside your new class, write the code for your project.
  • Compile and run your code: Save your code and compile it. If there are no errors, you can run it and see the output in the console.
  • Refine and improve your code: Once your project is running, you can refine and improve your code by adding more features, fixing bugs, and optimizing performance.


At last, knowing theoretical knowledge is not enough. You must know the implementations. Making Java projects will help you learn much and boost your knowledge. Select any of the above-mentioned java project ideas for beginners to become professionals, so stop delaying and start building one.

You can build beginner-level Java projects; then, you can move on to intermediate or advanced levels. These beginner projects are also helpful in your final year. If you have questions about Java or need help with projects, you can take our java project help anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. . What are real-time projects in Java?

Real-time projects in Java are designed to simulate real-world applications and solve actual problems. These projects typically require a good understanding of core Java concepts and often involve working with databases, APIs, and frameworks.

Q2.  Which is more paid, Java or Python?

The average salary for Java and Python developers varies depending on various factors, including location, experience, industry, and job responsibilities. Therefore, it’s inaccurate to say that one programming language is more paid than the other.

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