15+ MongoDB Project Ideas for Beginners To Advance

MongoDB has been a very popular database for the past few years. It is NoSQL, which means it uses a dynamic schema-based system. It stores the data in JSON-like format. MongoDB is so popular because it supports cloud storage and is very flexible.

Many big companies like eBay, MetLife, Electronic Arts(EA) and many more uses MongoDB. It is very scalable and can develop big projects. More than 30,000 companies throughout the world are using MongoDB and its services. If you are learning MongoDB or planning to learn, then you must need to work on some projects to be proficient.

MongoDB Project Ideas for Beginners

1. File Sharing application

Being a beginner you can make an online file-sharing app. MongoDB provides cloud storage which will ease your way to storing any file to share. This will work the same way google drive and dropbox work. You can build separate spaces to upload a file. Users would be able to upload and download whenever they wish to.

Users do not have to worry about the storage capacity of their devices. For starters, you can provide 10GB of space to every user. You can make a paid storage option if a user wishes to increase their storage capacity. You can even make a login/signup portal for personalized space.

2. Personal Address Book

Why not create an application to only store and retrieve data? A management system where you can store all the details of your contacts. Each contact can have:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email
  • Birthdays

You can make a column for favorites and most used. You can even add a map and directions to their place. Functionality to add, remove and edit contacts. You can even add a column for upcoming birthdays, meetings, and anniversaries. Add a share button to share information about any of the contacts. 

3. Authentication App

An authenticator app will be a unique idea. The app will take the images and documentation of users and store them in the database. You can train your app for the correct identification of users using algorithms. You can assign roles and privileges attached to users based on their authentications. You might have seen the devices installed in offices, gyms, schools, etc., that take your fingerprint or retina scan.

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MongoDB will be the best database to use for this purpose since it is fast and scalable. You can use Machine language algorithms for faster and correct decisions.

4. Online Radio

You can Starting a business is the key desire of everyone, but it’s not easy. Before starting a business, it’s crucial to know about the trending usage of apps. You know that people could use the commonly and its the best small business ideas, so It will be fun to switch between frequencies. You can switch to music, news, sports, economics, and politics with one click. Provide a favorites function for users for easier and faster access. You can select from many programming languages available to use with MongoDB.

You can use the APIs available or can create your own REST API. It is possible that your radio project can bring back the real value of radio that has been lost in past few years. Make it a MERN(MongoDb, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS) stack project.

5. Task Manager and Reminder app

An app to remind your upcoming tasks and reminders. How fun and productive can that be? You can build an application that can help you with your reminders and tasks. This app can be very much useful for you if you find yourself lazy and forgetful.

You can add the tasks you wish to remind for. Attach a clock that can timely remind you of your events. You can even attach a calendar to see all your upcoming tasks or meetings. You can even build a habit you were hoping to build someday. If you forget to drink water more, often then you can set it as a reminder. Attach a notes option, too to add important notes about any event.

6. Real-time chatting app

You can create a real-time chatting app the same as WhatsApp or Hike. Add colorful themes and an attractive UI. You can use Node.JS for the backend, ReactJS for the front end, and MongoDB as the database. Real-time chatting can be possible with MongoDB. Add the functionality of sharing files, images, and videos through your app.

This can be a great app for you and boost your resume. You can even create a login/signup portal to secure users’ entry. Add stickers for fun interactions.

7. Blog-Creating app

Blogs are very popular these days. You can create a blog-creating app using MongoDB. You can add the following functionalities:

  • Section to upload and create articles
  • Comment and likes on articles
  • Uploading photos and videos
  • A portal to follow other authors and article writers.
  • Section for favorites
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A Blog – where writers and authors interact with each other. It could help them in expanding their ideas and thinking abilities. Blogs can be informative and can be done as a hobby.

MongoDB Project Ideas For Intermediate Level

Here are some Intermediate Level Project Ideas : 

1. Recipe Manager

Build a recipe manager application that stores recipes and allows users to search, filter, and save recipes based on ingredients, cuisine, and dietary preferences. You can use MongoDB to store the recipes as documents and to perform complex queries to retrieve recipes based on user criteria.

2. Blogging Platform

Create a blogging platform where users can publish and read blog posts. You can use MongoDB to store the posts and comments as documents and to perform text search queries to enable users to find posts on specific topics.

3. Fitness Tracker

Develop a fitness tracker application that allows users to log their workouts, track their progress, and set fitness goals. You can use MongoDB to store user data, such as workout history and fitness goals, and to perform queries to help users track their progress and set new goals.

4. E-commerce Website

Build an e-commerce website that allows users to browse, search, and purchase products. You can use MongoDB to store product information and user data and to perform queries to enable users to filter products by category, price, and other criteria.

5. Event Planner

Create an event planner application that helps users plan and organize events like weddings, parties, and conferences. You can use MongoDB to store event details, such as guest lists, schedules, and budgets, and to perform queries to help users manage their events more efficiently.

MongoDB Project Ideas For Advance Level

Here are some advance level project ideas : 

1. Real-time Analytics Platform

Build a real-time analytics platform that processes large amounts of data in real time and generates insights and reports. You can use MongoDB’s aggregation framework and MapReduce functionality to process and analyze data and to store results for fast retrieval.

2. IoT Data Management System

Create an IoT data management system that collects and processes data from connected devices, such as sensors and smart appliances. You can use MongoDB to store the data and perform complex queries to enable users to monitor and control their devices.

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3. Personalized Recommendation Engine

Develop a personalized recommendation engine that analyzes user behavior and recommends products or content based on their preferences. You can use MongoDB to store user data and perform machine learning algorithms to generate personalized recommendations.

4. Financial Trading Platform

Build a financial trading platform that processes large amounts of market data in real-time and enables users to trade securities and other financial instruments. You can use MongoDB to store financial data and perform queries to enable users to make informed trading decisions.

5. Machine Learning Platform

Create a machine learning platform that enables users to build and deploy machine learning models at scale. You can use MongoDB to store training data and model metadata and to perform queries to enable users to manage and monitor their machine-learning models.


Planning to learn a NoSQL database then there is no better option than MongoDB. You should consider developing any of the above-mentioned projects. These projects will help you understand the real-life use case of MongoDB. Integrating Mongo with programming languages can make you familiar with more features. You can select any one of the above-mentioned MongoDB project ideas for beginners.

Here, we covered the top 7 projects of MongoDB. Hope, you will choose a MongoDB project topic for this article. If you have any queries or need MongoDB help, you can submit your query with us anytime. You can take more information on GitHub

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Can any beginner learn MongoDB?

Yes, beginners can learn MongoDB. MongoDB is a non-relational database. There are various kinds of NoSQL(non-relational) databases, MongoDB is a document-based NoSQL database that is open source. This MongoDB reading is for beginners, so actually, if you have no previous knowledge of the database, you will be capable of getting it.

Q2.Is learning MongoDB (DataBase) hard?

No, learning MongoDB is not hard. Actually, it totally depends on the learning skills of the learner. That learner learns MongoDB with full concentration, regularly and they will do practice on a daily basis. If you are friendly with Web Development, JavaScript, and JSON, MongoDB will not be very hard to learn, and these classes will surely help you to acquire a good start.

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