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What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level, text-based scripting language. It can be used in both the front-end and back-end of the websites. Javascript adds enhancements to the front-end user experience by making websites dynamic and interactive. Whenever we use any website on the internet, we interact with javascript while doing several different tasks such as form submission, refreshing feed, using a search engine, etc. JavaScript was initially developed in Netscape, by Brendan Eich. Battling with Microsoft over the Internet, Netscape considered their client-server solution as a distributed OS, running a portable version of Sun Microsystems'.

JavaScript controls the behaviour of the web page, which runs on the client-side of the web. It supports different programming styles like; event-driven, functional, object-oriented, and imperative programming.

Various Uses Of Javascript

JavaScript is a very easy and popular programming language. It has several different uses. Some main uses of JavaScript are:

Adding Interactivity To Web Pages

Javascript is used to add interactive behaviour to web pages. There are numerous things that we can do with Javascript. Some of them are as follows-

  • Show or hide data a button click
  • Change the element’s colour on mouse hover
  • Creating image carousel
  • Zooming in or out of the picture
  • Show a count-down on the website
  • Form validation
  • Fetch data from a server

Game Development

Javascript is also used to develop browser games. Some of the most popular javascript games are Underrun, Konnekt, Super Chrono Portal Maker, etc.

Creating Web And Mobile Apps

Javascript is mainly used in developing websites and mobile applications. React, Angular, React Native, Vue, are some of the most popular Javascript frameworks used for web and mobile app development.

Developing Web Server

Apart from developing mobile applications and websites, javascript is also popular for building web servers. Node.js is a popular javascript framework used for developing web servers.

JavaScript Example To React On Mouse Hover Event



<title>Javascript Example </title>

<script type=" text/javascript">

function example()


document.getElementById("hover").addEventListener("mouseover", popup);

function popup()


alert("This is a JS example");





<body onload="example();">

<h1 id="hover">Hello World</h1>



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How Will AI Disrupt?

AI and machine learning can potentially disrupt Javascript in several ways. Here are a few reasons:

Decreased Learning:

If the web developers write the code by depending on ChatGPT and other AI tools, they do not have the opportunity to fully learn all the concepts of Javascript. It can hide their ability to troubleshoot errors effectively and optimize the Javascript code.

Erratic Code:

ChatGPT and similar AI tools do not always produce reliable and efficient code, especially when faced with complex and modest programming tasks. This can lead to bugs and errors in the final product.

Security Risks:

AI tools are vulnerable to attacks or unintended mistakes that could compromise the security of the application. Developers need to have a thorough understanding of Javascript to ensure that the code they write is secure.

Limited Customization:

ChatGPT and various AI tools limit the ability to customize and fine-tune the code to meet specific requirements. This can limit the functionality and flexibility of the application.

Ethical Considerations and Concerns:

As AI technology advances, there is a growing concern about the ethical implications of using it for programming. Developers must carefully consider the potential effects of depending on AI tools in their work.

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